Tuesday, May 14, 2013

How to use the Web browser version of WeChat.

I guess that almost WeChat users are usually using it by their mobile devices. But do you know there is its Web browser version?

For using it, at first, we have to click the "Web WeChat" in the home page of mobile WeChat, and click the "Start" button after that.

And the next, we have to access the page of its Web version from your PC, and capture the QR code to the mobile device to login.

After successfully capturing the QR code, we can find the page on the mobile devices as follows, so we have to click the "OK" button to start using its Web browser version.

After that, if there is no problem, you can start to use the web version of WeChat on your PC as following picture.

To end the web version, you have to click the "Web WeChat" button on your mobile device.

This Web version is suitable to input the long message and so forth, but the feature of Web version is less than mobile version.

- It doesn't support the moments feature
- It doesn't support the feature of searching the new user

As I introduced before, Tencent defines WeChat as a mobile communication tool, so it may there is no update or improvement for the Web version.

But as I said above, it may be useful to input the long message and so forth. :)

Source => Web version of WeChat