Monday, May 27, 2013

The gallery of TV commercials that Tencent provides for overseas. Their overseas users already exceeded 50 million people.

As I explained before, WeChat formally entered into the Indian market, but they will also establish the subsidiary in Malaysia to enter this market soon.

According to them, WeChat already has one million users in Malaysia, but they already started to provide the TV commercial of the Malaysian version for expanding their users there as follows.

The other version is here.

They mainly are promoting the "Hold-to-Talk" feature as same as the Indian version, but the whole style of this commercial have the clear difference with Indian version.

Now WeChat is provided to the various countries, but let's check the TV commercials that are provided in each country.

- Thailand

- Indonesia

- Philippine

Other version -1 ; Other version -2

- Hong Kong

- Taiwan

- Overseas (It seems that this TV commercial is not for the specific country.)

It's very interesting that there are many various versions by each country, isn't it?

Now WeChat has over 50 million overseas users, but their rival "LINE" has about 105 million overseas users. And LINE already entered into the Chinese market, so we have to keep watching their battle in China and overseas as before.

Source => China Daily

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