Monday, September 23, 2013

How to use the official account management platform of Yixin.

As I explained before, Yixin also published the official account management platform.

Last time, I explained the summary of this platform, but I would like to explain the use method of this platform today. Writing the conclusion first, their platform is very similar to the platform of WeChat, for example their function, operating procedures and so forth.

Login to this platform, and the following page is displayed at first.

The administrator of this platform can know the increasing history of the new follower and the receiving number of the information from their followers on this page.

The next picture is the management page of the information that the official account received from their followers.

The administrator can check that information by the period (ex. today, yesterday, 7 days, 30 days and so forth).

Next is the management page of their followers.

The administrator can set the specific user as a black list, and also can manage the followers by the category.

Next is the management page of sending the message.

The administrator can send the text, picture, voice, video messages via this page as same as WeChat. But there is an interesting function that WeChat don't have. That is a function of sending the event information.

By the way, the official account can send one message to their followers in a day.

These sending information can set on the following management page.

Next is the page of the advanced features.

The administrator can set the auto reply function on this page. And if they would like to be a developer of Yixin, they also can file the request from this page.

The last one is the settings page.

The administrator can set the icon or summary information of the official account. And Yixin also prepared the QR code of the official account, so you also can put this code on the official site and so forth.

According to the news, the official account number of Yixin already exceeded 6,000 accounts, and they are rapidly increasing even now.

Of course, the user of Yixin is also rapidly increasing, and according to the news, their users are averagely increasing 1 million people in a day.

But unfortunately, the company or organization that is not formally registered in China yet can't use this platform at this time. Because when filing the request, the number of business license is needed as follows.

About this, there is no other way waiting that they will start the overseas deployment.

Source => The official account management platform of Yixin,

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

WeChat added the statistical information function on the administration platform for the official accounts.

As I explained before, Yixin published their administration platform for the official accounts, but WeChat also upgraded its platform.

The function that was added this time is the management tool of the statistical information, and the administrator of the official accounts can check the some information on there.

1. The fluctuate history of follower

The administrator of it can manage the increasing number, the decreasing number, the total number and so forth, and the administrator also can set the term of it.

2. User property

The administrator can manage the ratio of men and women, the using language and the regional distribution by each follower.

3. The number of times that the posting message was read.

The administrator can manage the total number of receiving messages (送达人数), the number of reading the message (图文页阅读人数), the number of open the link in the message (原文页阅读人数) and the number of sharing the message (分享转发人数).

4. Checking the activation ratio of each follower

The administrator can check the activation ratio of each follower, and he/she can understand the total number of followers who was posting messages, the total number of the posted message, the average number per a follower and so forth.

So it means that this function can make each administrator manage the active ratio of their followers.

I think that these management tools are very useful for the administrator of WeChat. But unfortunately, these tools were only added to the domestic version of the official account management platform, and these tools weren't added to the international version of it yet.

About this, we have to wait the action by Tencent at this time.

Source => The administration platform for the official accounts of WeChat

Monday, September 9, 2013

Yixin also published the management platform for the official accounts that is similar to WeChat. Can they differentiate with WeChat?

As I explained before, it can be said that Yixin made the good start. And as their second stage, they published the management platform for the official accounts that is similar to WeChat last weekend.

I cannot register the official account yet, so I would like to explain its summary today.

Their platform mainly has the four features as follows.

1. Customer service
2. Tools or APIs for the developers
3. Internal communications
4. Post the messages

The function of No.1, 2, 4 is same as WeChat, but the characteristic function is No.3. As I explained before, Facishare published the business version of WeChat, and recently a lot of companies published similar software in China. Furthermore I explained before, the companies who started to use the social media in the business scene is recently increasing in China.

So I think that the No.3 function is best choice for differentiating with WeChat.

And the client application of Yixin also updated at the same time as the management platform.

Of course, the latest version has the function that displays the official accounts like the above picture. Now the official account on Yixin is very little, and it's only exists a few accounts that Netease released. But it seems that some of them is very useful.

WeChat said that they wouldn't like the official accounts to use this as a marketing platform before, but how about Yixin?

We have to keep their action as ever.

Source => Netease IT, Official account management platform of Yixin