Wednesday, February 29, 2012

The number of Chinese mobile games market usres reached 30 million people as of Q4,2011.

According to the report by Enfodesk about Chinese mobile online games market as of Q4,2011,  its number of user reached 30.28 million people.

Its number as of Q4,2010 was 20.27 million people, so it can be said that its user increased by 10 million people in one year.

And its revenue scale as of Q4,2011 was 371 million RMB(about 59 million dollars).

30.28 million people and 371 million RMB... It's difficult to catch these number are large or not, so I'll let you know the whole scale size of Chinese mobile game market.

The whole number of Chinese mobile game users were 162 million people as of Q4,2011.

And whole revenue of Chinese mobile game market was 1099 million RMB(about 174.65 million dollars).

So it can be said compared with Chinese mobile game market, its mobile online game users were about one fifth scale, and its revenue was one third.

Looking this comparison, you might feel it is too small, but I think its market is still in early stage now. And improving connection speed, it will be dramatically increasing. 

Original article => Android/OPhone Trivia in China

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

CIC published "Social Media Landscape @China 2012".

CIC published a new version of "Social Media Landscape @China".

Its 2012 version added "Pinterest" as a object. And looking this landscape, services of similar with Pinterest already started in China(ex. Huaban, Duitang, etc).

And there is only Chinese version, but a history of this landscape is also available.

It's a useful tool for leaning the history of social media in China, isn't it? :)

Original article => Huaban

Sunday, February 26, 2012

CIC and Ogilvy PR release joint white paper -- “Crisis Management in the Microblog Era”

CIC and Qgilvy PR co-released white paper "Crisis Management in the Microblog Era".

CIC and Ogilvy PR joint white paper - 'Crisis Management in the Microblog Era'

Its white paper is written about when considerations for using Chinese Weibo, and there are not only advise but also many case studies of trouble or solution on Weibo.

I think a person or company who want to start Chinese Weibo should read this white paper.

Original article => CIC

Thursday, February 23, 2012

The report the number of apps by each App Market in China.

Enfodesk published that a report the number of apps by each App Market in China.

*Blue line = on December , Orange line = on November, Green line = v.s. last month

According to this report,  App market that have the most apps in China was Apple's App store, and the second position was Google's Android Market.

#3 and its later was as following:

#3   91 mobile assistant
#4   189 store by China Telecom
#5   Mobile Market by China Mobile
#6   Samsung Apps
#7   Gfan Market
#8   Anzhi Market
#9   AppChina
#10  3G software
#11  Wo store by China Unicom
#12  Nokia Ovi
#13  Le store by Lenovo

And the ratio of paid and free apps by each market are as following:

*Blue Line is free Apps, and yellow line is paid Apps.

The ratio of free apps was very high in Android Market and other related Android App market, but in Carrier's market such as Mobile Market and Wo store have high ratio of paid apps.

As I reported before, Android is the most popular smart phone OS in China. But for considering the success of business, we have to find the other ways of selling Apps.

Original article => Eguan

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

In Chinese smart phone market, the shipment share of Android device reached about 70% as of Q4'11.

According to the report by Enfodesk, the shipment share of Android device reached 68.4% in Chinese smart phone market as of Q4,11.

As of Q1'11, Android smart phone is the second position in Chinese market, but as of Q4'11 it jumped to the top position, and had a lead of triple score for Symbian.

And from the point of view annual shipment market, its share of Android smart phone was 51.1%.

The reason of this result is very simple, because 3 big carriers in China all was driving force to sell Android device, even if China Unicom who are selling iPhone did that.

And a lot of mobile device company, such as Motolora, HTC, Samsung, Sony Ericsson and so on, was also driving force to sell Android device in China.

2days ago, China Telecom formally announced selling iPhone from March 9,  but we have to pay attention whether its impact will become big or not.

Original article => Enfodesk

Chinese mobile internet users already reached over 400 million people. Total this market revenue in 2011 was over than 8.6 billion RMB.

Enfodesk published the report written about Chinese mobile internet market trend in 2011.

According to this report, Chinese mobile internet user already reached 431 million people, and its market revenue was 2.518 billion RMB as of Q4,2011.

And its annual market revenue was 8.622 billion RMB.

The breakdown of its revenue is as following:

#1 Mobile apps and service revenue   42.2%
#2 Traffic revenue   41.8%
#3 Mobile shopping revenue   12.5%
#4 Mobile ads revenue   3.5%

The breakdown of its revenue arranged chronologically as following:

Mobile ads is rapidly growing from Q3'11 to Q4'11.

And this report said, with mobile shopping market size continues expanding, mobile payment and mobile security will be actually emphasized, and it's also expected that these two market will have more importance for breakthrough in 2012.

Original article => Enfodesk

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

China Telecom formally annouced to start selling iPhone 4S from March 9.

Today, China telecom announced to sell iPhone 4S at last.

They will start to sell iPhone 4S from March 9, and will start to take a on-line reservation from March 2.

At the same time, China Telecom announced charge plans for iPhone 4S as following:

For example, if users buy iPhone 4S 16GB in case of having two-year contract with paying 289RMB/month, they have to pay 1,699RMB when they get it.
And if user buy iPhone 4S 16GB in case of having two-year contract with paying 389RMB/month, they have to pay 0RMB when they get it.

According to the news, China Telecom has 38.7 million users as of January, 2011. And we have to pay attention whether iPhone 4S affect increasing their 3G user or not.

Original article => Press release  by China Telecom,,

Sina Weibo started beta test of "Micro Public Welfare".

Sina Weibo started beta test of "Micro Public Welfare".

Users can contribute donation or volunteer for some project on Sina Weibo.

This is a project to send some stationaries and sporting goods for elementary school student at Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region.

Users can select donation amount by themselves on each project page.

About payment, now user can only pay donations via some Banks, in near future they may be able to pay it via "WeiBi(it's a virtual mony on the Sina Weibo)".

Of course contribution is not only sending some donation, but also sharing the information of a project and volunteer for some projects.

I feel that Social Media have strong diffusivity, so such as this action is much suitable for Social Media, particularly Weibo.

I want to continue paying attentions this "Micro Public Welfare" :-)

Original article => Micro Public Welfare

Monday, February 20, 2012

Chinese third party on-line payment continued its rapid growth in 2011.

Eguan published the report of Chinese third party on-line payment industry trend, and it continued rapid growth in 2011 too.

The report said its annual trade in 2011 was 2161000000000 RMB, and its growth was  99.0% compared with 2010.

And the report also said its annual trade in 2014 will reach 99429000000000 RMB.

The quarterly trade amount from Q4 '10 to Q4 '11 is as following:

In Q4'11 its annual trade amount was 738600000000 RMB, and its growth rate compared with Q3'11 was 30.9%

And this graph is a market share by each services.

#1  Alipay(Alibaba group)      46.0%

#2  Tenpay(Tencent group)  21.2%

#3  UnionPay                            10.8%

#4                             6.2%
#5 ChinaPnR                              6.1%

According to this report, it may occur the movement such as acquisition in 2012, so we have to keep attention this market too :-)

Original article => Eguan

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Facebook submitted 61 key words the trademark registration to Chinese government.

According to the news, Facebook already submitted 61 keywords as the trademark registration to Chinese government as following.

Those keywords include not only the word of "Facebook", but also Chinese character such as "脸书", "面书", "飞思簿" and so on.

But it's not mean Facebook was ready to formally entry Chinese social market, but it may they want to avoid conflicts of trademark registration problem such as iPad.

And we can find the word of "SOUNDBOARD" in this list, will they start the one of music service in China?

We must keep attentions the action of Facebook in China from now on too.

Original article => Tech Sina, Tech Sina Weibo

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Eguan estimate the number of mobile users in China will reach over than 1100000000 on the end of 2012.

Eguan published the report that they estimate the number of mobile users in China will reach over than 1100000000 on the end of 2012.

Eguan reported the number of mobile users in China reached 986000000 on the end of 2011, and they estimate it will reach 1112000000 on the end of 2012(127.1 vs '11).

And they estimated the number of 3G mobile users in China, and they said it will reach 301000000 on the end of 2012.

Actually over 300M is a great number, but usage of 3G mobile users are still only 13%...

LTE service maybe also start from the end of 2012 in China, so we will keep attentions that 3 big carrier will place much emphasis which service from now on...

Original article => Enfodesk

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Baidu will launch their mobile cloud service like Evernote.

Baidu will launch their own mobile cloud service like Evernote "Baidu BaoHe" for their mobile platform users next week.

Baidu has already launched a smart phone built in Android based their customize OS "Baidu Yi" collaboration with Dell in China since last year.

And its smart phone user can get 100GB free space on "Baidu BaoHe".

Recently, Baidu have been accelerating their mobile solution, but we have to pay attentions for "Baidu BaoHe" will become a key factor of it.

Original article => Tech Sina

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

The market share of China's LBS industry. Who is the leader?

Last time, I reported the number of LBS users in China, but today I will report the share of LBS company in China as of Q4,2011.

* Blue bar graph means the share of registered users, and yellow bar graph means the share of active users.

Registered users ranking:
#1  Qieke      16.7%
#2  Digu       12.6%
#3  Jiepang    5.9%
#4  KaiKai      5.6%
#5  Piaoxin    4.5%

But transfer switch to active users ranking, you can see a completely difference result with registered users ranking.

Active users ranking:
#1  Jiepang   16.6%
#2  Piaoxin    12.5%
#3  Qieke      12.3%
#4  Digu       11.6%
#5  KaiKai      8.2%

In active users ranking, Jiepang jump up to top share, and Piaoxin jump up to the second position.



China's LBS market is still in growth phase, so such rankings may frequently change from now on, so I will continue to watch for this market too :-)

Original article => Enfodesk

Monday, February 13, 2012

China's LBS users archived over 30M as of Q4,2011.

Enfodesk reported the number of LBS users in China as of Q4,2011.

According to this report, the number of China's LBS registered users as of Q4,2011 were 30.62M.

And the number of its active users were 4.15M as of Q4,2011.

Comparing two graphs, the number of registered users were about 5 times compared with Q1 2011, but the number of active users were only 4 times compared with Q1 2011.

And, let's compare the rate of active users by each quarter.

The rate of active users in Q1        16.33%
The rate of active users in Q2        16.57%
The rate of active users in Q3        14.43%
The rate of active users in Q4        13.55%

The rate of active users started to drop down from Q2,2011.

Before as I reported on this blog, LBS Ads market are noteworthy this year in China. But for expanding its market, each LBS company have to increase their active users too.

Original article => Enfodesk

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

"Real-name Weibo Registration" will perfectly start from Mar 16.

Last November, Beijing city published the rules written about "Real-name Weibo Registration". And yesterday, they set its enforcing day on Mar 16.

According to the news, users who cannot take the confirmation of identification will no longer can tweet, retweet and something on their Weibo after Mar 16.

Sina Weibo and Sohu Weibo have already started "Real-name Weibo Registration" for new registered user on their Weibo.

 But this decision include before already  users as a target, and the other Weibo service provider (ex. Tencent Weibo, Wangyi Weibo and so on) will also follow this decision.

Sina Weibo said their progress of this decision is smooth at this time, and Sohu Weibo already start campaign for "Real-name Registration" on their site.

According to the report from CNNIC, China's Weibo users already archived 249.88M, and its growth rate was 296.0% compared with 2010.

But we have to pay attentions closely how changes there are around Weibo industry after now too.

Original article => A miscellaneous notes of Micorblogging(Weibo) in China

Friday, February 3, 2012

Enfodesk reported the status of video sharing market in China as of Q4,2011

Enfodesk reported the status of video sharing market in China as of Q4,2011.

The market size of advertise revenue increased 135.3% compared with Q4,2010, and it archived 1.687 billion RMB(= $0.27 billion).

And the market share by each company is as following.

#1 Youku (21.8%)

#2 Tudou (13.7%)

#3 Sohu (13.3%)

#4 Iqiyi (6.9%)

#5 PPTV (6.5%)

Video advertising is increasingly gaining momentum in china, and it has grown up to 18.8% sharing of entire China's online advertising market.

I think that this momentum will be continuing in 2012 too.

Original article => Enfodesk1, Enfodesk 2, Enfodesk 3

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Vpon Inc. released the report "LBS Ads market in China 2011" .

Vpon Inc. who provide LBS Ads solution released the report of "China's LBS Ads market in 2011".

The summery of this report is as followeing:

- In 2011, the average growth rate of LBS Ads was 66.75%.

- In Shanghai, Beijing, Guanzhou were the most aggressive cities for using LBS.

- The rate of under second tier city gradually becoming larger percentage(Jan,2011 21% =>Dec, 2011 58% ).

- Activity by industry
#1  Food‐service             25%
#2  Banking and finance   16%
#3  Groceries                 15%
#4  Retail                     14%
#4  Automotive              14%

- Activity by a user using apps
#1  Mobile game     20.1%
#2  Navigation       14.3%
#3  News              13.2%
#4  Entertainment  12.9%
#5  Life                10.5%

In China, the number of LBS user was 15.3M as of Q3, 2011.
But I think LBS Ads have a great opportunity in 2012, because Weibo company or online game company start to adopt LBS feature to their service in China.

Original article => The report by Vpon Inc.