Monday, February 13, 2012

China's LBS users archived over 30M as of Q4,2011.

Enfodesk reported the number of LBS users in China as of Q4,2011.

According to this report, the number of China's LBS registered users as of Q4,2011 were 30.62M.

And the number of its active users were 4.15M as of Q4,2011.

Comparing two graphs, the number of registered users were about 5 times compared with Q1 2011, but the number of active users were only 4 times compared with Q1 2011.

And, let's compare the rate of active users by each quarter.

The rate of active users in Q1        16.33%
The rate of active users in Q2        16.57%
The rate of active users in Q3        14.43%
The rate of active users in Q4        13.55%

The rate of active users started to drop down from Q2,2011.

Before as I reported on this blog, LBS Ads market are noteworthy this year in China. But for expanding its market, each LBS company have to increase their active users too.

Original article => Enfodesk