Wednesday, February 29, 2012

The number of Chinese mobile games market usres reached 30 million people as of Q4,2011.

According to the report by Enfodesk about Chinese mobile online games market as of Q4,2011,  its number of user reached 30.28 million people.

Its number as of Q4,2010 was 20.27 million people, so it can be said that its user increased by 10 million people in one year.

And its revenue scale as of Q4,2011 was 371 million RMB(about 59 million dollars).

30.28 million people and 371 million RMB... It's difficult to catch these number are large or not, so I'll let you know the whole scale size of Chinese mobile game market.

The whole number of Chinese mobile game users were 162 million people as of Q4,2011.

And whole revenue of Chinese mobile game market was 1099 million RMB(about 174.65 million dollars).

So it can be said compared with Chinese mobile game market, its mobile online game users were about one fifth scale, and its revenue was one third.

Looking this comparison, you might feel it is too small, but I think its market is still in early stage now. And improving connection speed, it will be dramatically increasing. 

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