Thursday, February 23, 2012

The report the number of apps by each App Market in China.

Enfodesk published that a report the number of apps by each App Market in China.

*Blue line = on December , Orange line = on November, Green line = v.s. last month

According to this report,  App market that have the most apps in China was Apple's App store, and the second position was Google's Android Market.

#3 and its later was as following:

#3   91 mobile assistant
#4   189 store by China Telecom
#5   Mobile Market by China Mobile
#6   Samsung Apps
#7   Gfan Market
#8   Anzhi Market
#9   AppChina
#10  3G software
#11  Wo store by China Unicom
#12  Nokia Ovi
#13  Le store by Lenovo

And the ratio of paid and free apps by each market are as following:

*Blue Line is free Apps, and yellow line is paid Apps.

The ratio of free apps was very high in Android Market and other related Android App market, but in Carrier's market such as Mobile Market and Wo store have high ratio of paid apps.

As I reported before, Android is the most popular smart phone OS in China. But for considering the success of business, we have to find the other ways of selling Apps.

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