Tuesday, February 14, 2012

The market share of China's LBS industry. Who is the leader?

Last time, I reported the number of LBS users in China, but today I will report the share of LBS company in China as of Q4,2011.

* Blue bar graph means the share of registered users, and yellow bar graph means the share of active users.

Registered users ranking:
#1  Qieke      16.7%
#2  Digu       12.6%
#3  Jiepang    5.9%
#4  KaiKai      5.6%
#5  Piaoxin    4.5%

But transfer switch to active users ranking, you can see a completely difference result with registered users ranking.

Active users ranking:
#1  Jiepang   16.6%
#2  Piaoxin    12.5%
#3  Qieke      12.3%
#4  Digu       11.6%
#5  KaiKai      8.2%

In active users ranking, Jiepang jump up to top share, and Piaoxin jump up to the second position.



China's LBS market is still in growth phase, so such rankings may frequently change from now on, so I will continue to watch for this market too :-)

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