Thursday, March 22, 2012

Chinese Weibo white paper for business users.

CIC and Sina Weibo co-released "Weibo white paper for business users in 2012".

According to this white paper, as of Feb 2012, 130,565 corporate accounts are registered in Sina Weibo, and 143 companies in Fortune 500 already register there.

And, the summery of this white paper is as follows:

the account usage by each industry

The food‐service industry occupied over the one third ratio.

- the account usage by country(except China)

#1  Unites States
#2  Japan
#3  Australia
#4  United Kingdom
#5  France
#6  Korea
#7  Canada

And they propose "LEIMO(Listen -> Engage -> Integrate -> Measure -> Optimize )" model for operation of corporate accounts.

Now they published its only Chinese version, but you would like to read the detail of this white paper, you can download it here : )

Original article => A miscellaneous notes of Micorblogging(Weibo) in China

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Tencent Weibo reached 373 million users.

Tencent reported a statement of accounts as of Q4,2011, and their Weibo users reached 373 million users in the end of 2011.

Its number was 310 million users as of Q3,2011, so their users increased 70 million people. And according to the statement, their active users were 68 million people per a day.

Sina also reported a statement of accounts as of Q4,2011 before, their Weibo users were 300 million people, and its active users were 27 million people per a day.

Tencent also have Social Media solution such as Qzone and Pengyou, according to this statement, their active users were each 721 million people and 202.4 million people.

Tencent said they will accelerate Social Media business and mobile solution in this year, so we have to keep attention their action from now on too.

Original article => TechWeb

Monday, March 12, 2012

Youku and Tudou co-announced they will merge two companies till Q3,2012.

Two big video sharing giants in China, Youku(NYSE:YOKU) and Tudou(NYSE:TUDO) announced they will merge two company till Q3,2012.

According to the news, after merging this new company's name will be "Youku Tudou Inc.", and Youku will have its 78.2% of stock share, and Tudou side have 21.8% of stock share. 

The deal has been approved by both companies’ boards of directors and it is now awaiting shareholder approval from both firms. Assuming all is fine, Tudou says that the deal will be closed in 3Q,2012.

As I reported before, Youku and Tudou are leaders companies of video sharing market in China, and they were also ranked in #21, #24 in "The Most Valuable Social Media Brands 2012" before. 

So I would like to keep attention that this merge will bring anything influence to the this market...

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Thursday, March 8, 2012

Chinese Weibo active users reached 249 million people.

According to the report from Eguan, Chinese Weibo active users reached 249 million people as of Q4,2011.

Compared with Q1,2010, its active users grew up 10 times scale, but v.s. Q3 2011, its growth rate decreased 18.0%.

This decreasing maybe caused to "Real-name Weibo Registration", and it will formally start from March 6, so growth rate as of Q2 may be further decrease, or it may be negative growth...

However, on the other hand, zombie user will be not able to do tweet or something actions on Weibo, so will increase the quality of each Weibo.

I think continue to pay attention what impact there are by the number of user increasing and decreasing.

Original article => Eguan

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

BV4 released "The Most Valuable Social Media Brands 2012".

BV4 and their partner HWZ co-released "The Most Valuable Social Media Brands 2012".

Above picture is a top 10 of the most valuable Social Media Brands, and from China, 3 services are ranked in.

#4  Qzone             11billion dollars
#5  Sina Weibo       4.0billion dollars
#8  Tencecnt Weibo 3.5billion dollars

And the breakdown of the top 30 are as follows.

From China, additionally ranked in more 5 services as follows.

#12  Renren    2.611billion dollars
#14  Pengyou  2.193billion dollars
#18  Kaixin     1.891billion dollars
#21  Tudou     1.543billion dollars
#24  Youku     1.394billion dollars

*Now, Renren and Kaixin were already united.

Totally 8 Chinese social media service ranked in the top 30.

This top 30 ranking include 16 US companies, 8 Chinese companies, 2 Russian companies, and each 1 UK/Finland/Belgium/Brasil company, so it can be said Chinese Social media have a high presence in this industry.

I'd like to continue introducing about trend of Chinese Social Media industry too :)

Original article => BV4 "The Most Valuable Social Media Brands 2012"

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

The summery report of Chinese mobile industry by Baidu.

Chinese internet giants Baidu published the report written about the summary Chinese mobile industry.

According to this report, a PV ranking by each area as of Q4,2011 is as follwing:

#1 Guangdong  14.6%
#2 Jaingsu  7.5%
#3 Shangdong   5.3%

Beijing is a 7th position, and Shanghai is a 11th position.

And market share by each carrier is as followeing:

China Mobile has dominated Chinese whole mobile market, they have 71.6% share in it. And China Telecom has 13.6% market share, and China Unicom has 14.9% market share in it.

But focusing to Android and iOS user, the market share of 3 carriers are antagonism,  China Mobile have 43.6% market share, China Telecom have 29.7% market share, and China Unicom have 26.6% market share.

Finally, I would like to pick up a interesting data.

It's a ratio of each communication system(2G, 3G, WiFi), but 2G communication occupied whole mobile market(89.2%).

But it's a natural things, because Chinese mobile user already reached 1 billion people, but 3G user is still only 0.1 million as of Q4,2011.

But focusing to Android and iOS users, there are different trends that 3 pieces of communication style is antagonism.

In China, it's expected to start LTE experimental service in 2012. So, we have to pay attention for each carrier think much of 3G or LTE in this year...

Original article => Baidu mobile open platform

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Sina Weibo started a service like Slideshare.

Sina Weibo has provided file sharing service named "Micro Disk" on their Weibo, but recently they added it a new function like Slideshare.

If you have a PDF or PPT file, you can upload on their disk and share its file to your followers like Slideshare.

Of course, you can view documents that other user uploaded.

Recently, companies who use Weibo as a marketing tool is in increasing number, its sharing disk can help it powerfully :-)

Original article => Sina Weibo(Disk sharing service)

Friday, March 2, 2012

The summary of "Group Purchase" industry in China.

LingTuan-net published the data of "The group purchase site census data report in China".

According to this report, in this January 17 sites started group purchase services, and 40 sites came back this industry, but 314 sites stopped their service in China.

And totally, 5894 sites started group purchase services, but 2242 sites already stopped their service as of January, 2012. This means 38% sites already stopped their service.

This report said, though Groupon are also struggling after entering in China, more group purchase companies maybe stop their service in 2012...

Original article => WestE-net

Thursday, March 1, 2012

The summery of internet map market in China.

According to the report by Enfodesk, PV of internet map in China was 60.31 million times per a day as of Q4,2011.

The growth rate of compared with Q3 was increasing 8.7%.

And its UV is 4.96 million times per a day.

The growth rate of compared with Q3 was increasing 12.2%.

And market share of internet maps in China is as following:

Baidu map took a top share in Chinese internet map market.
And Google map took a second position, and Mapbar is the third position.

Baidu had a decisive lead in Chinese search market, we have to keep attention whether they keep the place of market leader too : )

Original artcile => Enfodesk-1, Enfodesk-2