Thursday, March 22, 2012

Chinese Weibo white paper for business users.

CIC and Sina Weibo co-released "Weibo white paper for business users in 2012".

According to this white paper, as of Feb 2012, 130,565 corporate accounts are registered in Sina Weibo, and 143 companies in Fortune 500 already register there.

And, the summery of this white paper is as follows:

the account usage by each industry

The food‐service industry occupied over the one third ratio.

- the account usage by country(except China)

#1  Unites States
#2  Japan
#3  Australia
#4  United Kingdom
#5  France
#6  Korea
#7  Canada

And they propose "LEIMO(Listen -> Engage -> Integrate -> Measure -> Optimize )" model for operation of corporate accounts.

Now they published its only Chinese version, but you would like to read the detail of this white paper, you can download it here : )

Original article => A miscellaneous notes of Micorblogging(Weibo) in China