Wednesday, March 7, 2012

BV4 released "The Most Valuable Social Media Brands 2012".

BV4 and their partner HWZ co-released "The Most Valuable Social Media Brands 2012".

Above picture is a top 10 of the most valuable Social Media Brands, and from China, 3 services are ranked in.

#4  Qzone             11billion dollars
#5  Sina Weibo       4.0billion dollars
#8  Tencecnt Weibo 3.5billion dollars

And the breakdown of the top 30 are as follows.

From China, additionally ranked in more 5 services as follows.

#12  Renren    2.611billion dollars
#14  Pengyou  2.193billion dollars
#18  Kaixin     1.891billion dollars
#21  Tudou     1.543billion dollars
#24  Youku     1.394billion dollars

*Now, Renren and Kaixin were already united.

Totally 8 Chinese social media service ranked in the top 30.

This top 30 ranking include 16 US companies, 8 Chinese companies, 2 Russian companies, and each 1 UK/Finland/Belgium/Brasil company, so it can be said Chinese Social media have a high presence in this industry.

I'd like to continue introducing about trend of Chinese Social Media industry too :)

Original article => BV4 "The Most Valuable Social Media Brands 2012"