Tuesday, March 6, 2012

The summery report of Chinese mobile industry by Baidu.

Chinese internet giants Baidu published the report written about the summary Chinese mobile industry.

According to this report, a PV ranking by each area as of Q4,2011 is as follwing:

#1 Guangdong  14.6%
#2 Jaingsu  7.5%
#3 Shangdong   5.3%

Beijing is a 7th position, and Shanghai is a 11th position.

And market share by each carrier is as followeing:

China Mobile has dominated Chinese whole mobile market, they have 71.6% share in it. And China Telecom has 13.6% market share, and China Unicom has 14.9% market share in it.

But focusing to Android and iOS user, the market share of 3 carriers are antagonism,  China Mobile have 43.6% market share, China Telecom have 29.7% market share, and China Unicom have 26.6% market share.

Finally, I would like to pick up a interesting data.

It's a ratio of each communication system(2G, 3G, WiFi), but 2G communication occupied whole mobile market(89.2%).

But it's a natural things, because Chinese mobile user already reached 1 billion people, but 3G user is still only 0.1 million as of Q4,2011.

But focusing to Android and iOS users, there are different trends that 3 pieces of communication style is antagonism.

In China, it's expected to start LTE experimental service in 2012. So, we have to pay attention for each carrier think much of 3G or LTE in this year...

Original article => Baidu mobile open platform