Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Let's start marketing on WeChat(Weixin)! Guidance of managing official account on WeChat.

As I explained before, WeChat is now rapidly increasing their users in China. And many companies already started marketing activity on WeChat, such as Starbucks.

And it's no doubt that other companies who are in the English-speaking countries also would like to start marketing on them, so I would like to introduce how to manage official account on them. 

First, when you would like to manage the official account on WeChat, you have to use the "Public Platform of WeChat(PPoW)".

After accessing the top page of PPoW, you have to click the button of "注册(= Register)". After clicking the button of "注册", a dialog will be appeared as follows.

If you already have a QQ account, please enter the its ID number and password on it. If you still don't have any QQ account, then please click the button of right side "注册信QQ(= Register the new account of QQ)".

*Notice: You cannot use the QQ account that already coupled with the private WeChat ID.

After you enter the ID and password of QQ, the registration page of new WeChat will be appeared as follows.

You have to enter the WeChat ID, introduction of this account, nation, languages and the type of this official account. If you enter the all of item, please click the button of "确定(= OK!)".

*Notice: Actually you can select "English" at the section of languages. but as a result, it seems that PPoW still only support for the Mandarin.

If there are no problem, you can see the top page of PPoW as follows.

This PPoW is consist of five menus as follows.

1. 实时消息 = Real-time Information

You can receive the message from followers of this account, and send the reply to them on this page. 

2. 用户管理 = User management

You can manage users(followers) of this account on this page, and you can also categorize them by each type(favorite, black list, self-customized and etc.).

3. 群发消息 = Posting to the group

You can set the message that you would like to send to the followers at this page. There are the five type of message as follows.
a. 文字 = Text  b. 语音 = Voice  c. 图片 = Picture(s)  d. 视频 = Video(s) 
e. 图文消息 = Text + Picture(s)

And you can specify the message type from these.

*Notice: If you are not a verified user, you can only one message in a day.

4. 素材管理 = Contents management

You can upload the contents that you would like to send with the messages on this page. And you can send the preview of messages to the specific users. 

*Notice: It is necessary that the specific user is a your follower.

5. 设置 = Settings

You can change the information and nation of this official account on this page. Furthermore you can download the QR code of this official account here, and you can put its QR code on your Web site or other social media for increasing followers.

And you can apply to become a verified account, but it's necessary that this official account has more than 500 followers for this applying.

If you input the correct ID and password on mobile apps, it will return the error code of "(4, -69 Login failed)". It seems to be a specification of WeChat at this time.
Actually, you can register to this PPoW as a private person. But if you enjoy WeChat as a mobile collaboration tool, you should not register the account via PPoW.

Ok, today that's all. 
I would like to write about the advanced method or case study of WeChat marketing in near future.

The end of this article, please forgive me to introduce our official account of WeChat.

Actually, our official account usually introduces our products or services in English, but we also introduce the trend of social media or mobile market in China. 
According to the explanation of this PPoW, verified account have more variety method of sending messages. In order to know these merits, and I will write the blog about this, we have to become a verification account. I appreciate your cooperation :)

P.S. Now Tencent provide an international version of PPoW. Because this version provides the English menu, let's try this if you want!