Monday, January 21, 2013

The sales scale of group-buying in China was about 3.41 billion USD in 2012. The cumulative total number of its users were 456 million people. [Infographic]

Portal site of group-buying "Tuan800" reported the summary of group-buying industry in China as follows.

Total revenue of its industry was 3.41 billion USD in 2012, and it was increasing 93% compared to 2011.
And the cumulative total number of users were 456 million people, and it was increasing 45% compared to 2011.

And the breakdown of this revenue is as follows:

- Food and Drink   1.525 billion USD (44.72%)
- Leisure                  0.771 billion USD (22.61%)
- Life                        0.413 billion USD (12.11%)
- Brand items         0.344 billion USD (10.09%)
- Travel                    0.293 billion USD (8.59%)              
- Other                     0.064 billion USD (1.88%)

Next is the sales ratio by each cities.

- 1st level cities    22.85%
- 2nd level cities   22.50%
- Other  46.47%

The revenue ratio of the 3rd level cities and under was 19.89% in 2011, so its number in 2012 was increasing over twice compared to 2011.

Meituan and Dianping is the two top of this industry in China, and their sales revenue was more than 500 million USD in 2012.

Lashou, Nuomi and 55tuan are the second group of this industry, and their sales revenue was each from 320 to 500 million USD in 2012.

GaoPeng(高朋) is the subsidiary of Groupon in China. They belong to the third group of this industry in China, but it have to say that they still have their back against the wall in China.

Group-buying industry in China will be still growing in 2013 too. But on the other hand, the curtailment of supplier already started from last year.

I would like to introduce the structure and the detail of this industry in near future.

Source => Eguan

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