Saturday, January 5, 2013

The ranking of 2012 hot topic and person on Sina Weibo. PSY also got the large popularity in China.

What topic or person was popular in China in 2012?
Sina Weibo published the answer for this question.

First diagram is the ranking of people who were mentioned on Sina Weibo in 2012.

#1 was PSY that everyone know as "Gangnam Style".
His "Gangnam Style" reaches 1B views on YouTube, but he also got the huge popularity in China. And he have a official account on Sina Weibo, its account already have more than 5M followers now.

#2 was a Chinese singer "Han Geng", and #3 was "Ren Zhiqiang" who is a famous person in real estate industry.

Unexpectedly, Weibo queen "Yao Chen" was ranked #30. Her official account have over 30M followers on Sina Weibo, and this number is still the largest on there.She remarried this year, so it should be no lack of the topic. Furthermore as I said, she have a lot of followers now, so its result was the unexpected.

Next diagram is the ranking of topic(keyword)  that was mentioned on Sina Weibo in 2012.

#1 was the topic about "London Olympics". During this Olympics, Sina Weibo prepared the special page for this, and users also posted a lot of messages. #2 is a one of internet slang "屌丝(diao si)". And #3 is ranked "Gangnam Style" again.

Furthermore, the feature of this ranking was included some of political topic too, such as #8, #10, #14 and so forth.

Well, what topic or person will be ranked in 2013? In order that we can know this answer,  we have to wait until the end of this year :-)

Source => Sina Weibo-1, Sina Weibo-2