Thursday, January 24, 2013

Ogilvy PR China and CIC published the updated version of “2012 Crisis Management in the Microblog Era white paper".

Last February, Ogilvy PR China and CIC co-published the report of "2012 Crisis Management in the Microblog Era white paper", and recently they published the update version of this report.

2012 crisis management in the microblog era white paper from SEEISEE

This report is written about the example of problem, solutions and proposal in case of operating the official account on Weibo.

The example on this report is divided three sections as follows;
- Public Credibility Crisis
- Personal Crisis
- Brand(Corporate) Crisis

And this report mentioned the some detail of making big impact to the society.

This report is not only written about the wrong cases, but is also written about the good cases such as above McDonald's.

After in comparison with many examples in this report, they defined the best method as follows.
- Response time is the best within 8 hours. (at least within 24 hours)
- Exective have to directly post the message to the users on Weibo.

Finally, this report proposed the principles of 3Cs and 8 basic rules as follows.

1. Be faster: respond quickly!
2. Be fully prepared: have a crisis management system in place.
3. Be alert to early signs of crisis with 24/7 monitoring.
4. Have an honest and equal dialogue: a crisis is a test of character.
5. Hearts follow minds: emotions are crucial.
6. Fame is a commodity: maintain a good relationship with relevant KOLs.
7. Social readiness: practice makes perfect.
8. Integrate owned media, paid media and earned media.

All of us already know "Faster is Better" and so forth, but easier said than done. So we have to re-study from this report to make a good relationship with our fans on Weibo.

Source => CIC