Wednesday, March 6, 2013

5 Tips of WeChat You Might Not Know

A vice president of Tencent Zhang were interviewed by a business magazine few weeks ago, and he talked about interesting 5 tips of WeChat as follows at that time.

1. The "Shake" function is the entrance for the each services.
WeChat have the "Shake" function as following picture:

Basically, the user uses its function to find the new friends on WeChat.
But now it has the new interesting function to understand the music name that user is just playing the music on their device.

I played the music that is saved on my Android smartphone, and then I tried the "Shake" function of WeChat. As the result, WeChat gave me the correct music name!
I think this function help users when user listen the radio or TV on their devices, and they don't know the its music name :)

Mr. Zhang said this is the one of example that this function exists as for the entrance of each services. And he said that they will continue to develop the new activation method in future too.

2. They don't provide the special client for iPad.
They already provide the client for iPhone, and actually its client also support iPad. So this means that they have not provided the special client for iPad.

In China, there are the custom that service provider separately provide the client for iPhone and iPad. For the example, Sina Weibo do that as following picture.

"Because most of the iPad don't have the SIM card, so the user have the limitation of place to use WeChat. This is not match with the concept of WeChat", Mr. Zhang said.

3. The function of posting only text character in the "Moments" exists only for the internal testing.
WeChat have the social function "Moments", and the user usually post the text character with pictures. But if the user long-click the icon of camera, the user can post the text only message as follows.

Mr. Zhang said that this function is for the internal testing, and they basically want the user to post the message with picture on it.

4. Tencent has developed the voice recognition feature by themselves.
They provided the voice recognition feature from version 4.5 of their apps, but Mr. Zhang said that they developed this function by themselves.
According to him, there are over 200 people in the WeChat team, and 30 people of them take charge of developing this voice recognition feature.

5. They regret that the main color of WeChat became green.

This is like a joke, but Mr. Zhang said that the main color of WeChat was blue at first. And they changed its color by each version at first, and they someday changed its color to green. When they changed its color to green, WeChat already became popular, and then the time was past. So they lost the chance to change its color from green to other color.

But I feel that green color is very match with WeChat... :)

Actually, there are 10 tips in the original article, but I selected 5 tips from there. If you are interested in other 5 tips, please visit here. That is written in Chinese...

Source => Sina IT