Friday, March 1, 2013

In China, Android apps were downloaded over 6 billion times in 2012.

91 helper and HIAPK are each the one of biggest Android apps market in China,and both market are operated by NetDragon Websoft Inc.

And according to the recent report by this company, over 6 billion Android apps were downloaded from 2 app market above in 2012. And these market have about 610,000 titles of Android apps on their site as of the end of 2012, and 40,000 apps are averagely uploaded per one month.

And they provided some detailed data about this as follows.

1. The history of Android apps download number(2012 Jul - 2012 Dec).

Jul    490 million times
Aug  570 million times
Sep   700 million times
Oct   730 million times
Nov  760 million times
Dec   790 million times

Blue : Non-game apps
Orange : Game apps

2. The history of Android apps upload number(2012 Jul - 2012 Dec).

Jul    37,000 titles
Aug   40,000 titles
Sep    40,000 titles
Oct    41,000 titles
Nov   46,000 titles
Dec    46,000 titles

Blue : Non-game apps
Orange : Game apps

You can download the complete report from here.
*This report was written in Chinese.
** For downloading this report, login to Sina Weibo is required.

According to the report by Kantar, the market share of Android was 71.5% in China as of January. And its market share continue rapidly increasing.

But this report also said the penetration rate of smartphone is still about 22%, so I think that there is still a lot of chance in this market.

Source => DoNews

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