Tuesday, January 17, 2012

CNNIC published "China Internet survey report at the end of 2011". Weibo user increased to 250M.

CNNIC(China Internet Network Information Center) published "China Internet survey report", and according to it the number of internet users in china archived 513M at the end of 2011.

The growth rate of 2011 is 38.3%, and it's higher than 2010(34.3%).

On the other hand, the number of mobile internet users in China archived 355.58M, but the growth rate of 2011(17.5%) was less than 2010(29.7%).

And the usage of each service is as following:

Weibo users archived 249.88M, and its growth rate was 296.0% compared with 2010.

The utilization of Weibo was 13.8% in 2010, but it grew up to 48.7% in 2011.

In addition, the top 3 of having large number users services are as following:

#1 Real-time communication(ex. IM, Chat)   415.1M users
#2 Online search      407.4M users
#3 Online music      385.85M users

The top 3 of having high growth rate services are as following:

#1 Weibo   296.0%
#2 Joint purchasing   244.8%
#3 Online payment    21.6%

And the usage of each service by mobile phone is as following:

#1 mobile real-time communications   83.1%
#2 mobile search  62.1%
#3 mobile news    60.9%

#6 mobile SNS      42.3%
#7 mobile Weibo   38.5%

Weibo had rapid growth in PC and mobile area in 2011, but it's already started "Real-name Weibo Registration" , so we have to pay attentions closely how changes there are around Weibo services in 2012 too.

Original article => A miscellaneous notes of Micorblogging(Weibo) in China

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Jiathis reported the number of sharing information via Social Media in 2011.

Jiathis reported in 2011 the number of sharing information via Social Media in China.

The summery of this report is as following:

- The number of sharing informations via Social Media are 730M times.

- What time they share informations via Social Media?
2:00-10:00  9%    10:00-18:00 50%    18:00-2:00 41%

- Users shared informations via Social Media 2 times per a person.

- Which Social Media are used for sharing informations?
SNS 42.34%, Weibo 28.39%, Bookmark services 18.85%, Email 2.87%, Tools 4.50%, Other 3.14%

- Which is the most used service for sharing informations in each industry?
SNS          QQ space(Tencent) 12.47%
Weibo       Sina Weibo 8.91%
Bookmark  Baidu Cang 2.61%
Email        Gmail 0.61%
Tools        Google Reader 0.58%

- The top 5 Social Media of most increasing sharing informations number in 2011.
#1 Tencent Weibo 630.34%
#2 Sohu Weibo 226.41%
#3 TaoJaiHu 211.52% (SNS promoted by Taobao)
#4 WangYi Weibo 194.11%
#5 Ifeng Weibo 190.01%

Tencent have huge number of users on their IM service "QQ", so I strongly focus on Tencent Weibo in 2012 :-)

Original text => JiaThis

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Sina said their Weibo already have over 250M users.

Sina CEO Charles Chao said Sina Weibo already have over 250M users, and there are 100M tweets on there in a day.

Last year he said there business models are "advertising", "social games", "real-time search," "value-added services", "EC", "Digital Content", and Sina will accelerate to expand their 6 business model.

Particularly, Sina recognize EC business is the most important thing to expand their business, from last year they already started virtual money service and prepare some EC pages with partner on their Weibo system.

Of course they will expand their business to overseas, so they have been preparing the English version of their Weibo, and on the other hand they advertised on Times Square in New York when Sina Weibo was 2 years old.

In China, Sina Weibo will have over 400M users at the end of 2012. I think their challenges in 2012 will be making profits, increasing there active users and go to the overseas market.

I would like to keep tuned what actions Sina Weibo will take in order to solve their challenges in this year.

Original article => CCIDnetA miscellaneous notes of Micorblogging(Weibo) in China

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

The Ranking of followers number in Chinese Weibo.

Huadong net announced a ranking of followers number in Chinese Weibo as of Dec. 31,2011.

The summery of top5 users are as followeing:

#1  穿越火线(Cross Fire)   27,627,556 followers
It's a official account of online game that is most popular in China.
" Cross fire" is a game that South Korea company called Smile Gate launched as the next generation network shootout game. In China, Tencent is operating this online game.

#2 何炅(He Jiong)     26,414,479 followers
He is a one of most famous TV presenter in China. He has hosted Hunan satellite TV program "happy camp(快乐大本营)" more than 10 years.

#3 莫文蔚(Karen Mok)     25,083,664 followers
She is a famous movie star and singer in Hong-Kong. She is one of most successful actress in Chinese entertainment industy, so she have high visibility in China.

#4 刘翔(Liu Xiang)     24,943,903 followers
He is a most famous sports player in Chinese track-and-fields events(110m hurdles).

#5 蔡康永(Kevin)      23,254,918 followers
He is a famous tv moderator and writer in Taiwan.

And the breakdown of this top50 accounts are as following:

* Accounts attribute
  Movie stars               21 accounts
  Announcer                 10 accounts
  Writers and scholars     9 accounts
  Sports player              3 accounts
  Business person           2 accounts
  Other                        5 accounts

* Weibo service
  Tencent(QQ)    37 accounts
  Sina               10 accounts
  Sohu                3 accounts

Though I recognized Lady Gaga is a person who has the most number of follows in Twitter, she has around 17M followes in twitter at this time.

If she were participating in this ranking, she is ranked at 14th in there :-)

Original text => Huadong Net

Monday, January 9, 2012

Which web browser is popular in China?

Chinese research company, CNZZ reported the market share of web browser in China as of Dec,2011.

※使用率 = the number based PV ,占有率 = the number based access

Internet Explorer have the top market share of web browser in China(56.28%).And IE6 still have 26.25% market share...

And 2nd position is 360 browser.
Because it is also based Internet Explorer, so actually IE have around 85% market share in China...

On the other hand, Chrome and Firefox only have 1.68% and 0.89% market share in China. According to the report of Net Applications they respectively have 19.1% and 21.8% in world wide, so we can say China might be a specific market...

If you are a person who consider developing social business for China, support for Internet Explorer might be unavoidable thing...

Original article => The report of CNZZ

Friday, January 6, 2012

Sina Weibo renewal their "Micro Music" service.

Sina Weibo renewal their sharing music service named "Micro Music(微音乐)".

At this renewal, Sina Weibo user can upload their original music.

I think it's like a social music, it's helpful for non-major bands to get to know their existence and music. If a musician want to advance Chinese music market, "Micro Music" makes more easy to do so :-)

As Sina Weibo already start virual money and video sharing service, they already recognized their Weibo service not only information tools, but also platform for various services.

In this year, Sina weibo will definitely accelerate such a movement.

Original article => A miscellaneous notes of Micorblogging(Weibo) in China

Thursday, January 5, 2012

SNS users in Japan is 42.89M by the end of 2011.

According to the report of ICT Research & Consulting, the number of total registered SNS users in Japan is 42.89 million by the end of 2011.

It was 58.6% growth compared with year-earlier period, and the number of SNS user in Japan will be expected to reach 56.43 million by the end of 2014.

Twitter, Facebook, Mixi, MobageGREE, Google+, Ping(Apple) are SNS service that commonly used in Japan, and each their customer satisfactions are as following:

#1 Twitter    60.7 pt
#2 Mixi        57.6 pt
#3 Facebook  56.6 pt
#3 Google+   56.6 pt
#5 Mobage    54.8 pt
#6 GREE       51.4 pt
#7 Ping        49.5 pt

The report of SNS usage frequency in a week is as following:

- 10times/day    15.1%
- 5~9times/day  16.8%
- 1~4times/day  32.2%
- 1time/month   16.0%
- rare to use      20.0%

Finally, this is an utilization status of Ad in SNS.

- click Ads a time per a day, and reference to the purchase                 4.4%
- click Ads a time per a week, and reference to the purchase             10.8%
- click Ads a time per a month, but does not affect to the purchase    19.8%
- does not click Ads, but look at that                                           31.8%
- does not click Ads, and not even look at that                               33.1%

SNS users in Japan has certainly increased. But from the point of view gaining a new user and profit, it may be expected they will have a tough fight this year too.

Original article => ICT Research & Consulting Inc.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Chinese video sharing company Youku and Tudou started to provide Weibo style service to their users.

Chinese top2 video sharing company "Youku" and "Tudou" started to provide weibo style service to their users.

Each users can tweet a thing that they are sharing own video and comment other user uploaded the video contents. Of course it's a weibo style, so they can follow favorite users.

* 关注 = following, 粉丝 = followers, 推 = their tweets

On the other hand, top2 Weibo company Sina and Tencent also already started relation with video/tv contents on their services.

*"看点(Kandian)" is a video sharing serivce on Sina Weibo.

* 微电视(Micro TV) is a TV program sharing service on Tencent Weibo.

Like this, Cross-platformed from both sides is already proceeding in China, it will be accelerated in 2012.

Original article => A miscellaneous notes of Micorblogging(Weibo) in China

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

The Social Power of China's Internet Giants

Though its graph is a little bit old, but it's useful for your understanding a overview what services provided from each China's internet giants.

This graph have 18 category of main social service, and targets 10 internet company in China as following.

* Tencent (腾讯)
* Sina (新浪)
* Baidu (百度)
* Wangyi (网易)
* Sohu (搜狐)
* CIAC (千橡互动)
* Alibaba (阿里巴巴)
* SNDA (盛大网络)
* 360
* Kaixin(开心网)

Actually there is a little bit old data such as Baidu stop their Weibo service "Baidu说吧", but I think it's meaningful to understand the big picture of Chinese internet/social industry :-)

Original article => CIC on Sina-Weibo

Chinese socialmedia industry infographics.

CIC company provide a Chinese socialmedia industry infographics.

This infographic have 16 category of main social service in China as following.

* 社交游戏 = Social Game
* 社交网络 = SNS
* 商务社交网络 = SNS for business
* 社会化电子商务 = Group Coupon
* 签到/位置服务 = LBS
* 微博 = Weibo
* 即时通讯 = Chat/IM
* RSS订阅 = RSS Reader
* 消费点评 = User Reviews and Recommendation
* 百科 = Encyclopedia
* 问答 = Q & A
* 社会化书签 = Social Bookmark
* 音乐/图片共享 = Music/ Picture Sharing
* 博客/博客聚合 = Blog/ Blog Aggregator
* 视频共享 = Video Sharing
* 论坛/论坛聚合 = Forum(BBS)/ Forum(BBS) Aggregator

And, inner circle of this infographics has been placed worldwide leading companies and services for each category.

I think it's a best infographic in order to understand a overview of Chinese socialmedia indutry. Don't you think so...? :-)

Original article => DoNews

Monday, January 2, 2012

The report of Chinese SNS service access statistics by hour.

Enfodesk also published "The report of Chinese SNS service access statistics by hour".

This report targets main SNS service provider in China, QQ space(QQ空间)RenRen(人人网)Kaixin(开心网)Douban(豆瓣网), Pengyou(朋友网), 51.com.

As same as Weibo, the peak time of access number is around from a.m.8:00 to p.m. 4:00 in each SNS services.

And around at p.m.6:00, access number particularly down. Probably it may be the time they get off their work and go home :-)

Nevertheless the best time promote on Chinese SNS is from a.m.8:00 to p.m. 4:00 as same as Weibo :-)

Original article => Enfodesk

The report of Chinese Weibo access statistics by hour.

Enfodesk published the report of Chinese Weibo access statistics by hour as of Oct,2011.

This report targets each Sina(新浪微博), Tencent(腾讯微博), Sohu(搜狐微博), Wangyi(网易微博) Weibo service.

The peak time of access number is around from a.m.8:00 to p.m. 4:00 in each Weibo. This is a working time ;-). On the other hand, the access number down at night time.

If you are marketing person who are targeting China market via each Weibo, it's better tweet on there daily time of UTC+8 :-)

Original article => Enfodesk

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Chinese active weibo user archived over than 250M.

Analysis International company said Chinese active weibo user archived over than 254M as of Q4,2011.

The number of their active users compared with Q3 increased 20%, and compared with Q4,2010 increased over than twice scale.

And their active users are expected over than 300M people in Q1,2012.

But as you know, Beijing and Shanghai government required the rule of "Real-name Weibo Registration". And also, other cities will follow this action.

So we will have to watch how influence there are for their growth. 

Original article => tech.qq.com