Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Chinese video sharing company Youku and Tudou started to provide Weibo style service to their users.

Chinese top2 video sharing company "Youku" and "Tudou" started to provide weibo style service to their users.

Each users can tweet a thing that they are sharing own video and comment other user uploaded the video contents. Of course it's a weibo style, so they can follow favorite users.

* 关注 = following, 粉丝 = followers, 推 = their tweets

On the other hand, top2 Weibo company Sina and Tencent also already started relation with video/tv contents on their services.

*"看点(Kandian)" is a video sharing serivce on Sina Weibo.

* 微电视(Micro TV) is a TV program sharing service on Tencent Weibo.

Like this, Cross-platformed from both sides is already proceeding in China, it will be accelerated in 2012.

Original article => A miscellaneous notes of Micorblogging(Weibo) in China