Tuesday, January 10, 2012

The Ranking of followers number in Chinese Weibo.

Huadong net announced a ranking of followers number in Chinese Weibo as of Dec. 31,2011.

The summery of top5 users are as followeing:

#1  穿越火线(Cross Fire)   27,627,556 followers
It's a official account of online game that is most popular in China.
" Cross fire" is a game that South Korea company called Smile Gate launched as the next generation network shootout game. In China, Tencent is operating this online game.

#2 何炅(He Jiong)     26,414,479 followers
He is a one of most famous TV presenter in China. He has hosted Hunan satellite TV program "happy camp(快乐大本营)" more than 10 years.

#3 莫文蔚(Karen Mok)     25,083,664 followers
She is a famous movie star and singer in Hong-Kong. She is one of most successful actress in Chinese entertainment industy, so she have high visibility in China.

#4 刘翔(Liu Xiang)     24,943,903 followers
He is a most famous sports player in Chinese track-and-fields events(110m hurdles).

#5 蔡康永(Kevin)      23,254,918 followers
He is a famous tv moderator and writer in Taiwan.

And the breakdown of this top50 accounts are as following:

* Accounts attribute
  Movie stars               21 accounts
  Announcer                 10 accounts
  Writers and scholars     9 accounts
  Sports player              3 accounts
  Business person           2 accounts
  Other                        5 accounts

* Weibo service
  Tencent(QQ)    37 accounts
  Sina               10 accounts
  Sohu                3 accounts

Though I recognized Lady Gaga is a person who has the most number of follows in Twitter, she has around 17M followes in twitter at this time.

If she were participating in this ranking, she is ranked at 14th in there :-)

Original text => Huadong Net