Thursday, June 28, 2012

Sina Weibo started internal test of like BBS site "Weiba".

Sina Weibo started internal test of like BBS site "Weiba".

But it's only internal test, so user who can use this service is limited like as follows.

According to the news, this service is similar to "Baidu Tieba". Baidu Tieba is a that is a completely user-driven portal site that user can post the text, image, video and so forth.

Sina Weibo started a membership service last Tuesday, but they have to do not only monetize but also diversification of their service to increase their active users.

Weiba will become a key factor of their activity or not, we have to keep attention to them.

Original article => PConline

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

How many people are online on QQ now?

QQ is a instant messaging service that are provided by Tencent. According to a news, QQ have over 600 million registered users now.

Recently, Tencent provide a interesting tools that can tell us how many people are online on QQ now.

According to this web site, there are over 161 million users on QQ now (CST 20:53:51, 26th Jun), and the largest number ever is 167 million users.

And we can find that this online user is concentrated at east coastal district and a part of south district. It is same as economically advanced district and areas that have many internet users.

I'm looking forward to when this number will exceed 200 millon :)

Source => QQ official website

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Sina Weibo formally started "Weibo Club" as a professional service.

Sina Weibo formally started "Weibo Club" as a professional service yesterday.

This is as professional service, delivered 10RMB(= 1.58 USD) per a month. Of course, they prepared an annual discount, it costs 108 RMB(= 17.12 USD, 10 percent off).

They also prepared various payment method, it also support charged by via mobile fee, by their virtual money "Weibi", union pay and so forth.

And this "Weibo Club" prepared 6 degree grade for member, and each grade member have different privilege.

For example, this member can follow over 2,000 accounts, they can get limited special icon and wallpaper, and they can try some new functions earlier than general users.

Well, Sina Weibo accelerated their monetize, so we have to pay attention that this service go well or not, and about their other actions.

Source => Weibo Club page

Monday, June 18, 2012

Smartphone users in China already exceeded 250 million people.

According to the report by iimedia, smartphone users in China already exceeded 250 million people.

This number was increasing 13.0% compared to the previous period, and they also said mobile internet users in China was 372 million people.

And the market share of each operating system was as follows:

Android had 55.4% market share, so it also can be said about 140 million Android smartphone devices are floating around in China. And this report also said that there are more 2,000 type of Android devices in Chinese market now.

Well, Symbian had 25.6% market share , iOS had 12.4%, Windows had 2.4%, and they can catch-up Android in the future, or Android continue to run the top share as ever, or new mobile OS will come to fore...

It cannot take our eyes off in the future too.

Original article => iimedia

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Mobile payment registered user in China already exceeded 10 billion people.

According to the report by Eguan, mobile payment registered user in China already exceeded 10 billion people.

And its market share in the first quarter was as follows:

#1 Alipay   61.8%
#2 Tenpay  18.9%
#3 99bill    10.0%
#4 Yeepay    3.3%
#5 IPS         1.6%
#6 Chinabank 0.8%
#7 PayEase   0.9%

As you know, Alipay is a one of Alibaba group company as same as Taobao, their group still have strength in EC or related industry.

And Tenpay is a one of Tencent group company, I'm interested in the fusion of their social business and payment one in the future.

And the whole market share of payment was as follows in the first quarter:

The third position of China Unionpay is also big company of payment industry.
And they announced they will accelerate their mobile solution recently, so we have to pay attention their action as ever too.

Original article => Eguan

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Top follower ranking in Sina Weibo and Tencent Weibo (as of 06/10/2012).

According to the news, Sina Weibo have over 300 million users, and Tencent Weibo has almost 400 million users. Then how about the follower ranking in each Weibo?

The follower ranking in Sina Weibo is as follows:

        Account        Followers              
 #1  YaoChen        21,097,842
 #2  Xiao S           20,627,861
 #3  YangMi         18,129,002
 #4  Leehom Wang 18,082,818
 #5  Xiena            17,986,528
 #6  ZhaoWei        17,701582
 #7  HeJiong         17,386,701
 #8  Kevin Tsai     17,162,245
 #9  NBA             16,971,379
#10 Li Bingbing    15,803,247

And the follower ranking in Tencent Weibo is as followes:

       Account       Followers
 #1 HeJiong         29,864,666
 #2 Xiena            26,894,077
 #3 Karen Mok     26,208,320
 #4 Liu Xiang       25,798,477
 #5 Xu Jinglei      25,449,118
 #6 Stefanie Sun  24,954,655
 #7 Shu Qi          24,893,552
 #8 Kevin Tsai     23,728,442
 #9 Kaifu Lee      23,254,020
 #10 Ma Yili        22,604,308

From the above lists, you can understand that HeJiong is the user who have the largest number of followers in Chinese Weibo.

And it might be also interesting to compare to "Twitter top 100 most followed" :)

Source => Sina Weibo, Tencent Weibo

Friday, June 8, 2012

Baidu Union reported they already have over 600,000 membership. [INFOGRAPHIC]

Baidu Union(*) reported the summery of their membership as follows:

The cumulative revenue sharing of Baidu Union paid to their partner will become over 5 billion RMB(= 0.79 billion USD) in the end of 2012.

Now Baidu Union have over 600,000 membership.

The PV of Baidu is over 5 billion times per a day. It means that a Chinese internet user connect to Baidu 9.8 times per a day.

Baidu Union helped 30 corporate members to go public in the past 10 years.

Now 1,280,000 websites are using tools provided by Baidu Union.

Baidu Union provide the public welfare platform, and they already donated 20 million points to the public.

And at the event held on 1 June, they donated 1.08 million RMB, and gave lunches to 360,000 children.

The history of  revenue sharing is as follows:

2011        1,100,000,000 RMB
2010          759,100,000 RMB
2009          697,670,000 RMB
2008          418,400,000 RMB
2007          204,700,000 RMB
2006           75,180,000 RMB
2005           21,210,000 RMB
2004           10,900,000 RMB
2003           10,640,000 RMB
2002             4,130,000 RMB

* Baidu Union consists of several third-party websites and software applications.[35] Union members incorporate a Baidu search box or toolbar and match its sponsored links with the content on their properties. Their users can conduct search via the Baidu search box or toolbar and can click the sponsored links located on their properties. Baidu has also launched programs through which it displays the online advertising of its customers on Baidu Union websites, and share the fees generated by these advertisements with the owners of these Baidu Union websites.
(Source = Wikipedia)

Original article => The official account on Sina Weibo 

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Sina Weibo started internal test of its membership system. Is this a one of professional service?

According to the news, Sina Weibo started internal test of its membership system.

According to this picture, if user join this membership, they can get a lot of various  privilege on Sina Weibo. And this membership might be provided as a professional service, it's estimated Sina will use the system of their own virtual money "Weibi".

Of course Sina Weibo have to increase their users as before, but in addition they have to aim for its monetization in future. So it may be Sina Weibo will start this system as one of professional service.

Original article => China microblogging Trivia

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Android smartphone market share in China increased to 76.7% in the first quarter.

According to the report by Eguan, Android smartphone market share in China increased to 76.7% in the first quarter.

Android smartphone market share in Q4,2011 was 68.4%, so that is to say Android market share increased 8.4% in a quarter. On the other hand, Symbian smartphone market share also decreased, and its market share was 11.8% in the first quarter.

Except iOS(that is to say 'iPhone'), other OS smartphone all was decreasing their market share...

It may be said that Android is the only winner in China at this stage.

Microsoft will release Windows 8 soon, and some vendor also will release based HTML 5 OS such as Mozilla. I'm interested in whether they can change the power balance of smartphone market in China or Android continue to be the only winner... :)

Original article => Eguan

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Sina and HTC co-promote HTC one special model for Sina Weibo.

Sina and HTC China co-promote HTC One special model for Sina Weibo.


They prepared two type devices, and one of them is HTC One S,  another is HTC One V. Basically these two devices are almost as same as world wide model of them, but main different point is a Sina Weibo hardware button. 

When user push on the Sina Weibo hardware button, Sina Weibo is started. And if user push on this button when they use Web browser, the link of this page is put on Sina Weibo tweet page.

Sina and HTC also co-released special model named "Weike" last year.

Sina Weibo would like to increase their mobile user, and HTC also would like to increase their user and market share, so it may be they had a community of interests.

Baidu and Tencent already released their own Android custom ROM, and Baidu co-released their special Android devices with Changhong.

There is a lot of various actors in Chinese mobile industry, so it will be more exciting and interesting more than now :)

Original article => HTC official account on Sina Weibo

Monday, June 4, 2012

Baidu released Android 4.0 based custom ROM "Baidu Cloud".

Today, Baidu released Android 4.0 based custom ROM "Baidu Cloud".

Few weeks ago, Baidu cooperated with Changhong and China Unicom published a smart phone that is preinstalled  "Baidu Cloud" OS, but at this time, its OS provide already existing mobile phone in the market as a ROM.

Now its ROM support only Google Nexus S, but Baidu said that they will add the target device in near future.

Recently, Tencent also released Android 4.0 based custom ROM "Tita", but why are they release their own custom OS? Its reason is very simple. They would like their presence to rise in mobile industry, and they would like to accelerate their mobile solution.

Now Chinese mobile industry is rapidly growing, so other company will release their own mobile OS or mobile device in near future too.

Original article => Baidu Cloud ROM

Sunday, June 3, 2012

The current situation of Chinese Internet industry. [INFOGRAPHIC]

Following is a infographic written about "The current situation of Chinese Internet."

The number of internet users:
#1  China  513 million
#2  U.S.    245 million
#3  India   121 million
#4  Japan  101 million
#5  Brazil   79 million

The feature of internet user in China.

- Male : Female = 55% : 45%
- 10 - 40 years old user is accounting for 80% of all.
- Access internet 2.7 hours per a day.
- .com 47% , .cn 45%, other 8%


- Market scale = 6 trillion RMB(0.95 trillion USD)
- Annual growth rate = 45%
- The number of online shopping user = 190 million people
- The number of joint purchasing provider = 6000

C2C provider TOP3   B2C provider TOP3
#1 Taobao  90%           Tmall    49%
#2 PaiPai     9%           360buy 18%
#3 Eachnet   1%           Amazon  2%

B2B provider TOP3
#1  Alibaba   55%
#2  Global sources   11%
#3  HC360   6%

Alipay users = 600 million users
The number of trading = 11 million times

Search market:

-The number of search = 35 million per an hour
- Baiud and Google dominate 95% of it.

Social Media:

- The number of Instant Messenger user = 450 million people
- The number of Weibo user = over 300 million
- 50% of Chinese people have at least one social media account.
- 30% of Chinese people login the social media at least once everyday.

- Yao Chen have over 15 million followers in Sina Weibo.

- LBS provider "Jiepang" have 1.4 million users.

- The number of online video users are over 400 million people.

- Hudong is registered over 6 million items.
* Hudong is a site similar to Wikipedia.

Original article => 199it

Friday, June 1, 2012

Taobao have over 100 million mobile users now. [INFOGRAPHIC]

Taobao is a biggest EC marketplace in China, but now they have over 100 million mobile users.

In the first quarter, its mobile user increased 15 million people, and it's estimated that its mobile user will be over 200 million in the end of 2012.

The ratio of its Mobile user and PC user is  1 to 5, so it means Taobao PC user exists over 500 million people.

The half of its mobile users use PC at the same time.

Its mobile user become the most active in the weekend.

Recently women buyer is especially increasing, and the category of women clothes and shoes are rapidly increasing sales.

Android V.S. iOS in March

Android 42%
iOS       58%
(iPhone 47%, iPad 11%)

Which users are buying items more?

1. The amount of items
Android   37%
iOS         63%
(iPhone 49%, iPad 14%)

2. The amount of money
Android    22%
iOS         78%
(iPhone 58%, iPad 20%)

Original article => Sina Weibo