Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Sina Weibo formally started "Weibo Club" as a professional service.

Sina Weibo formally started "Weibo Club" as a professional service yesterday.

This is as professional service, delivered 10RMB(= 1.58 USD) per a month. Of course, they prepared an annual discount, it costs 108 RMB(= 17.12 USD, 10 percent off).

They also prepared various payment method, it also support charged by via mobile fee, by their virtual money "Weibi", union pay and so forth.

And this "Weibo Club" prepared 6 degree grade for member, and each grade member have different privilege.

For example, this member can follow over 2,000 accounts, they can get limited special icon and wallpaper, and they can try some new functions earlier than general users.

Well, Sina Weibo accelerated their monetize, so we have to pay attention that this service go well or not, and about their other actions.

Source => Weibo Club page