Monday, October 29, 2012

Taobao also started to provide their own map service.

Last week, the biggest BtoC EC site in China, Taobao started to provide their own map service.

Taobao will start to enhance each area service via this map, and would like to accelerate their O2O business, such as LBS Ads. And they now already have over 100 million mobile user, so they will surely accelerate their mobile solution relies on this map service.

Baidu also formally established LBS division and upgraded their map API few weeks ago, so it means that their fight already started in this field too. This fight is also a highlight in Chinese Internet market.

Source => Looooker

Thursday, October 25, 2012

MIIT said 3G mobile phone user exceeded 200 million people in China. The ratio of smartphone is rapidly increasing.

MIIT(Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of the People's Republic of China)  said Chinese 3G mobile phone user increased 10.08 million people in this month, and its user totally reached 202.639 million people as of September.

And they said the share of 3G user number by each career as follows.

As of September, China Mobile have 75.595 million 3G users, and China Unicom have 66.863 million 3G users, and China Telecom have 60.181 million users. As I said before, 3G market in China is still in the situation of competitive.

MIIT also said that smartphone shipment is rapidly increasing, the total its shipment was 172 million units as of September, and its number is increasing 183.4% compared to the previous year. In addition according to them, 83.2% of smartphone shipment was Android devices.

Total number of Chinese mobile user was 1.0847 billion at the same period of time, so Chinese mobile market may be more accelerating in future.

Source => IThome

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Baidu expect that their advertising revenue will exceed 20 billion RMB in this year.

According to the vice president of Baidu Zhan Wang, this company is expected that their advertising revenue will exceed 20,000,000,000 RMB(nearly 253.1 billion USD) in this year.

He also said that their advertising revenue was 4.47 billion RMB in the first quarter, and was 5.46 billion RMB in the second quarter.And their advertising revenue was 14 billion RMB last year, so its growth rate will be 42.8% compared to last year.

Now Baidu have 250,000 advertising customer, but they expect that it will be over 300,000 customer in the end of this year.

Actually, Baidu have a platform for Advertising as follows.

So customers who are willing to put the advertisement on Baidu can easily manege their advertising.

Baidu is the one of biggest internet company in China, and they will focus to mobile solution such as LBS or map business. So I think LBS Ad is a one of promising service for them.

Source => TechWeb

Monday, October 22, 2012

NetEase Weibo users exceeded 260 million people.

According to the  news, NetEase Weibo users recently exceeded 260 million people.

As of the second quarter, Tencent Weibo has 469 million users, and Sina Weibo has 368 million users, so it can be said that NetEase Weibo is placed third position in Chinese Weibo market.

But NetEase Weibo published that their user was 120 million people in the first quarter, so it means their user was increased to twice user in only six months.

NetEase Weibo is provided NetEase, Inc. who are internet company in China. As the sales scale of company, NetEase is placed the second position next to Tencent in the first quarter.

The almost their revenue was brought from game at the moment, but recently they accelerated their social media solution, and they continue to improve the UI/UX of their Weibo.

We have to catch up not only the action of Tencent and Sina, but also catch up the action of NetEase in future.

Source => NetEase tech, Sohu IT, TechWeb

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Apple decreased their market share in the third quarter, but they still dominate more than 70% of Chinese tablet market.

According to the report by Eguan, sales volume of tablet PC in China was 2,604,000 units in the third quarter.

It increased 11.3% compared to the previous quarter, and increased 63.9% compared to the previous year.

Next is the market share of each tablet company.

#1  Apple       71.42%
#2  Lenovo    10.52%
#3  Eben          3.61%
#4  Samsung   3.53%
#5  Acer           3.03%
#6  Asus          1.74%
#7  Teclast     0.96%
#8  Ramos       0.53%
#9  Aigo           0.29%
#10 Motorola  0.26%

Other  4.11%

Its order was not changed compared to the second quarter, but Apple decreased 1.24% of their market share, on the other hand Lenovo increased 2.14% of their market share in the third quarter.

Lenovo started to sell two new tablet PC(S2107 and S2109) in the third quarter, so it became the reason that increased their market share.

Actually Apple decreased their market share in the third quarter. But they still dominate more than 70% of Chinese tablet market, and it means their tablet was sold 1,860,000 units in this quarter.

According to the rumor, Apple will announce "iPad mini" next Tuesday, but it may be next year that Apple will start to sell "iPad mini" in China. In that case, does other Android have a chance to increase the market share? The answer is Yes.

Google started to sell their "Nexus 7" in Japan this month, and Nexus 7 is also popular in China. So if Google will decide to sell "Nexus 7" in China too, Android tablet have possibility to expand their market share at a stroke.

Source => Eguan

Friday, October 19, 2012

Baidu formally established LBS division, and they announced to accelerate their LBS business with some partners.

Baidu held a event yesterday, and they announced to establish LBS division formally and start the project that is called "Smart Life".

And they also announced to make cooperation with some partners. Baidu will make a cooperation with Xiaomi to accelerate mobile MAP and LBS solution more than now.

Baidu have 21.3% market share in Chinese mobile map market, but AutoNavi and Google also each have 19.3% and 19% market share, so it also can be said that Chinese mobile map market is in the age of rival chiefs.

And Baidu also mentioned their business model, they said that O2O(MAP + Near Location + LBS) ads is the one of profitable case.

Baidu have a big presence in Chinese PC search market, but on the other hand they don't have a big presence in mobile solution area including search market compared to PC search market.

I will keep attention to their mobile solution including this LBS business as before.

Source => People's Daily Online, Ifeng, CNR

Monday, October 15, 2012

Tencent WeChat V.S. Sina Weibo [INFOGRAPHIC]

CIC published the infographic that is written about "Tencent WeChat V.S. Sina Weibo" as follows:

Last month Tencent CEO Pony MA said that WeChat user exceed 200 million people, but it takes 20 months to exceed 200 million. On the other hand, the term of Sina getting 200 million users took 22 months, so it can be said that they are almost even.

Recently Tencent make WeChat advancing the out of Chinese market, and Sina also already released its English version, and they hope to advance to the out of Chinese market.

At this time, the war in Chinese market looks like in a drawn match. Well how about will be the out of China? We have to keep attentions as before.

Source => CIC

Friday, October 12, 2012

MIIT published "2012 The Top 100 of Chinese Internet Company".

MIIT(Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of the People's Republic of China) published "2012 The Top 100 of Chinese Internet Company".

According to the report, this ranking is based their sales revenue in 2011, and their total revenue exceed 70 billion RMB(= 11.07 billion USD).

Well, I will introduce the companies that was ranking in the top 10 in its English name.

#1 Tencent
#2 NetEase
#3 Baidu
#4 Sohu
#5 SNDA  *Online game company
#6 Alibaba
#7 Wanmei  *Online game company
#8 GIANT  *Online game company
#9 BestTone  *China Telecom group
#10 Sina

The full version of top 100 ranking is as follows.

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Monday, October 8, 2012

Eguan: Social Media Apps for Android Download Ranking in China.

Eguan published a data of "Social Media Apps for Android Download Ranking" as follows:

WeChat already exceeded 100 million times download. As I explained before, WeChat user exceed 200 million people in the end of September, so I think this is relevant number.

In this data, the second position is Sina Weibo. Sina Weibo totally has 368 million users, and 69% users of among them access it by mobile phone, so this is also relevant number.

The service of third and fourth position is also provided by Tencent. As you know, Tencent have the strength in Chinese social media market.

Unexpectedly, Facebook, Twitter and Google+ was also ranked in this data. As you know, Chinese government has blocked these service, so it can be said that many user  is accessing these service via VPN service :)

Source => Eguan