Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Baidu expect that their advertising revenue will exceed 20 billion RMB in this year.

According to the vice president of Baidu Zhan Wang, this company is expected that their advertising revenue will exceed 20,000,000,000 RMB(nearly 253.1 billion USD) in this year.

He also said that their advertising revenue was 4.47 billion RMB in the first quarter, and was 5.46 billion RMB in the second quarter.And their advertising revenue was 14 billion RMB last year, so its growth rate will be 42.8% compared to last year.

Now Baidu have 250,000 advertising customer, but they expect that it will be over 300,000 customer in the end of this year.

Actually, Baidu have a platform for Advertising as follows.

So customers who are willing to put the advertisement on Baidu can easily manege their advertising.

Baidu is the one of biggest internet company in China, and they will focus to mobile solution such as LBS or map business. So I think LBS Ad is a one of promising service for them.

Source => TechWeb