Friday, June 1, 2012

Taobao have over 100 million mobile users now. [INFOGRAPHIC]

Taobao is a biggest EC marketplace in China, but now they have over 100 million mobile users.

In the first quarter, its mobile user increased 15 million people, and it's estimated that its mobile user will be over 200 million in the end of 2012.

The ratio of its Mobile user and PC user is  1 to 5, so it means Taobao PC user exists over 500 million people.

The half of its mobile users use PC at the same time.

Its mobile user become the most active in the weekend.

Recently women buyer is especially increasing, and the category of women clothes and shoes are rapidly increasing sales.

Android V.S. iOS in March

Android 42%
iOS       58%
(iPhone 47%, iPad 11%)

Which users are buying items more?

1. The amount of items
Android   37%
iOS         63%
(iPhone 49%, iPad 14%)

2. The amount of money
Android    22%
iOS         78%
(iPhone 58%, iPad 20%)

Original article => Sina Weibo