Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Chinese mobile LBS user exceeded 40 million people, but...

According to the report from Eguan, Chinese mobile LBS user was 43.38 million people as of the first quarter.

Its number increased 12.76 million people, 41.7% compared to the previous period.

And its active user was 5.85 million people at the same period.

Its number increased 1.6 million people, 41.0% compared to the previous period.

According to the news, the number of 4sq user was about 20 million people, so it can be said Chinese mobile LBS market is moderately big.

But now, the other service provider, such as Weibo and SNS also provide LBS function on their services in China, so LBS provider also have to consider multi service on their service.

It depends on their approach of multi service whether they can continue their growth or not.

Original article => Eguan