Friday, May 18, 2012

Tencent Forms Six Business Groups To Embrace Future Internet Opportunities.

Today, Tencent formally published that they will forms six business groups.

The detail of its six business groups are as follows:

1. Corporate Development Group (CDG)
2. Interactive Entertainment Group (IEG)
3. Mobile Internet Group (MIG)
4. Online Media Group (OMG)
5. Social Network Group (SNG)
6. Technology and Engineering Group (TEG)

In addition, they will set up Tencent E-Commerce Holding Company (ECC), a wholly-owned subsidiary, to focus on managing its fledging e-Commerce business in China’s large and fast-growing consumer e-Commerce industry.

Chairman and CEO of Tencent Mr. Ma published his comment as follows:

“Through the reorganization, we hope to unleash the Company’s potential capabilities to capture the opportunities of the evolving Internet industry. Our goals are: to strengthen our social networking services, to embrace the expanding global online games market, to extend our presence in mobile Internet, to integrate our online media platforms, to nurture our search business, to build out our e-Commerce platforms, and to enhance our capabilities to incubate new businesses. At the same time, we will pool certain of our technology and engineering teams to further develop core technologies and operational platforms so as to better support future business growth.”

Tencent is a one of the biggest company in Chinese internet industry, so this movement bring big impact to the market and their partner too.

We have to pay attention to the trend of their new system making.

Original article => Press Release by Tencent[PDF]