Friday, May 11, 2012

More than 60% of Sina Weibo active users are mobile user.

Sina Weibo announced their total registered users are more than 300 million, and more than 60% of Sina Weibo active users are mobile users on the mobile event in Beijing.

Sina Weibo has announced that will accelerate their mobile solution last July, its effort might borne fruit.

And they also announced its detail as follows:

1. Active users ratio by mobile OS
iPhone 28.7% Android 27.5% Wap 24.6% Symbian 8.6%

2. The peak time of access by mobile device
just go to work, lunch time, dinner time, at bedtime

3. The average time of using Weibo per a day
60 minutes

4. The access ratio by each region
Guangdong 24%  Beijing 12%  Zhejiang 7%  Shanghai 6%

5. 280000 applications are registered on Sina Weibo, and mobile apps are registered 20000 title.

Sina Weibo also said that they will prepare a community dedicated for mobile application soon.

The theme of Sina Weibo on this event was "connect, growth, open, win-win", we have to keep attentions to their mobile solutions as before.

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