Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Sina Weibo updated their music service. Will they also start music store like itunes?

Sina Weibo have provided their music service "Wei Music(Micro Music)" since June 2011. But they recently updated its service and at the same time changed its service name to "Music People".

Sina Weibo user can freely listen and manage the music on it. Furthermore, Sina Weibo user also can upload their music.

I think that this upload feature is good for indies musician or band, because they can get a chance to be heard by a lot of Sina Weibo users in the low costs.

But at the same time, I think that Sina Weibo will start to sell the paid music like itunes. There are two reasons that I think so.

1. Monetization is the most important challenge for them in this year.
2. They already started to provide the virtual money on their service, such as Weibi or Weibo Wallet.

The stage is already set. Let's keep the attention continuously to their action.

Source => Music People