Monday, February 25, 2013

Total revenue in 2012 of Sina Weibo was 66 million USD. Its 77% was from advertisement revenue.

Recently Sina published the performance reporting in the fourth quarter, and they also published some report that is related with Sina Weibo.

Sina announced that the total revenue of Sina Weibo in 2012 was 66 million USD, and its 77% was from advertisement revenue. And according to them, mobile advertisement was rapidly growing, its revenue share already exceeded 30% of total advertisement revenue.

Sina Weibo started to publish advertisement space to the public from last second quarter, and they also started to provide "Advertising Center" to the corporate users. So they will also continue to accelerate their advertisement solution as ever.

The other 23% of revenue was from services on their platform, such as games or "Weibo Club" and so forth. According to them, the revenue of these service was also rapidly growing. So I would like to keep attention that these services how contribute to their revenue-up as ever.

They also published that the number of registration users were more than 500 million people, and its active users per was 46.2 million people per a day. Of course this number increased compared to the previous year, but the speed of increasing became more and more slow.

So the overseas deployment for increasing their user number and keeping the number of active user will become the key factor for them in future.

Source => TechWeb, China News net