Monday, December 10, 2012

WeChat users was already 270,000,000 people, and its number may exceed 300 million people in the next month.

As you know, WeChat is the most popular IM tool now in China .

Tencent started to provide the service of WeChat on January 21, 2011. The number of this user exceeded 100 million people on March 29, 2012(it takes 433 days), and the number of this user exceeded 200 million people on September 7, 2012(it takes 172 days).

And according to the recent news, this user already exceeded 270 million people at December 8, 2012. So this means its user increased 70 million people in 81 days (from September 7, 2012). Because its recent daily increasing number is 864,200 people, if they keep the speed of increasing, then the day that the number of this user will exceed 300 million people may be around January 10, 2013.

Now WeChat is promoting not only in China, but also is promoting in the rest of Asia. And they recently accelerated the O2O marketing activity as the one of their monetize.

We have to keep attention to their activity not only in China, but also in the other country.

Source => MyDrivers