Thursday, December 13, 2012

Tencent Weibo published the analytic report of EC industry's official accounts.

Last month, Tencent Weibo published the analytics report of travel industry's official account, but they published the EC industry's one now.

First picture is the ratio of official accounts by category.

C2C platform or re-seller  56%

Group Purchase  23%

B2C platform or re-seller  23%

other  5%

Next picture is the tweet type of their accounts posting.

#1  With picture(s)   38.5%

#2  With URL  34.2%

#3  Text only  27%

#4  With video  0.25%

#5  With music  0.05%

Next is the data of follower(user) side.
First picture is the ratio of male to female.

Male : 43%

Female : 57%

This time, the ratio of female is higher than the last analytics.

Next graph is the ratio by age.

20-24 years old : 29%

25-40 years old : 42%

*The rate of 20-40 years old use is over 70% of all.

The last graph is the ranking by area that users live in.

#1  Jiangsu

#2  Guangdong

#3  Zhejiang

#4  Shandong

#5  Hebei

#6  Sichuan

Tencent also said that they will continue to publish the data of other industry in future, so I will keep watching their update.

Source => Tencent Weibo