Saturday, December 22, 2012

ZDC published the trend report of tablet PC user in China.

Recently, tablet PC user is steadily increasing in China. Well, how purpose they use their tablet PC for? ZDC published the one of answer for this, and it is a user research of tablet PC as follows.

1. Which tablet maker do you use?

Apple  41.1%
Lenovo  23.8%
Samsung  9.1%
Newman  6.7%
Asus  2.7%
SmartDevices  2.5%
DELL  1.9%
Acer  1.6%
Huawei  1.4%
Aigo  0.8%
Other  8.4%

2. Which tablet OS do you use?

Android  56.3%

iOS  41.2%

Windows  0.8%

Other  1.7%

Android tablet have a over 50% market share, and Apple iOS have 41.2% of market share in China. So it can be said that tablet PC market in China is still the status of two top era.
Microsoft already published "Surface". But they haven't started to provide it in China formally, so their market share is very few at this moment.

3. Which price range is your tablet PC?

Less than 500RMB  2.5%

500 to 1000RMB   20.6%

1001 to 2000RMB  19.1%

2001 to 3000RMB  18.1%

3001 to 4000RMB  27.2%

More than 4000RMB   12.5%

The price range of 3,001 to 4,000(477 to 636 USD) have the biggest share in this report, and the price range of 500 to 1000(79 to 159 USD) is the next position. So it can be also said that the price range of tablet PC in China is the status of bipolarization now.

4. How long do you use tablet PC?

Less than 3 months  7.4%

3 to 6 months  21.4%

6 to 12 months  25.6%

12 to 24 months  27.6%

More than 24 months  18.0%

5. Usually, what time do you use your tablet PC?

20 to 22 o'clock is the most used time range, and the next is 18 to 20 o'clock. So it can be said that many tablet users use their tablet after their work.

6. Which purpose do you use tablet PC for?

News   86.2%
Instant Messenger  67.4%
TV/Movie/Video  67.4%
Book   59.7%
Game   58.0%
Music   56.9%
Search   50.8%
Download apps   44.3%
Mail   41.2%
Online shopping   39.3%
GPS or LBS   30.3%
BBS/Weibo   27.3%
Stocks   21.4%
Other   13.7%

Watching this report so far, I felt that consumer tablet user is more than business user, but there is also the another fact that business tablet user is gradually increasing in China. I will keep watching the trend of this market as before.

Source => ZDC

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