Wednesday, February 8, 2012

"Real-name Weibo Registration" will perfectly start from Mar 16.

Last November, Beijing city published the rules written about "Real-name Weibo Registration". And yesterday, they set its enforcing day on Mar 16.

According to the news, users who cannot take the confirmation of identification will no longer can tweet, retweet and something on their Weibo after Mar 16.

Sina Weibo and Sohu Weibo have already started "Real-name Weibo Registration" for new registered user on their Weibo.

 But this decision include before already  users as a target, and the other Weibo service provider (ex. Tencent Weibo, Wangyi Weibo and so on) will also follow this decision.

Sina Weibo said their progress of this decision is smooth at this time, and Sohu Weibo already start campaign for "Real-name Registration" on their site.

According to the report from CNNIC, China's Weibo users already archived 249.88M, and its growth rate was 296.0% compared with 2010.

But we have to pay attentions closely how changes there are around Weibo industry after now too.

Original article => A miscellaneous notes of Micorblogging(Weibo) in China