Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Chinese mobile internet users already reached over 400 million people. Total this market revenue in 2011 was over than 8.6 billion RMB.

Enfodesk published the report written about Chinese mobile internet market trend in 2011.

According to this report, Chinese mobile internet user already reached 431 million people, and its market revenue was 2.518 billion RMB as of Q4,2011.

And its annual market revenue was 8.622 billion RMB.

The breakdown of its revenue is as following:

#1 Mobile apps and service revenue   42.2%
#2 Traffic revenue   41.8%
#3 Mobile shopping revenue   12.5%
#4 Mobile ads revenue   3.5%

The breakdown of its revenue arranged chronologically as following:

Mobile ads is rapidly growing from Q3'11 to Q4'11.

And this report said, with mobile shopping market size continues expanding, mobile payment and mobile security will be actually emphasized, and it's also expected that these two market will have more importance for breakthrough in 2012.

Original article => Enfodesk