Monday, February 20, 2012

Chinese third party on-line payment continued its rapid growth in 2011.

Eguan published the report of Chinese third party on-line payment industry trend, and it continued rapid growth in 2011 too.

The report said its annual trade in 2011 was 2161000000000 RMB, and its growth was  99.0% compared with 2010.

And the report also said its annual trade in 2014 will reach 99429000000000 RMB.

The quarterly trade amount from Q4 '10 to Q4 '11 is as following:

In Q4'11 its annual trade amount was 738600000000 RMB, and its growth rate compared with Q3'11 was 30.9%

And this graph is a market share by each services.

#1  Alipay(Alibaba group)      46.0%

#2  Tenpay(Tencent group)  21.2%

#3  UnionPay                            10.8%

#4                             6.2%
#5 ChinaPnR                              6.1%

According to this report, it may occur the movement such as acquisition in 2012, so we have to keep attention this market too :-)

Original article => Eguan