Tuesday, August 6, 2013

The rule was changed. The official account on WeChat was divided into two types, but you have to be careful when you select the type of your official account on them.

Yesterday, the new version of WeChat 5.0 was published on Apple's App Store.

This new version was added some interesting functions including that I explained before, but I would like to explain about these previews the next time.

And today, I would like to explain the details that the rule of the official account on WeChat was changed. I explained before that the official account on WeChat will be divided into the two types, but that was actually divided into the two types as the following picture.

The official account user can choice that will become the "服务号 (Service accounts)" or the "订阅号 (Subscription accounts)". And on the official site of WeChat, it is introduced that "服务号 (Service accounts)" is the better choice for the corporate users as follows.

For example, the service accounts can customize the style of their information, and they can automatically share the information to the Tencent Weibo, and so forth.

When we look this information, we surely feel that the service account is the better choice not only the corporate users, but also for others.

But there are two points to be noted when we change our official account to the service account.
* As a default, the existing official account belongs to the subscription accounts.

1. As I explained before, "Subscription accounts" can post one message in a day, but "Service accounts" can post only one message in a month...

2. There is only one chance that you can choose the type of the official account of WeChat.
* This means that you cannot change the type of the official account after the first choice.

It seems that Tencent would like to induce that the official account user choose the service account, because they wouldn't like the accounts to run the marketing activities on WeChat as I explained.
But I personally think that the best choice is that temporally remain the official account as a subscription account and continue to observe the progress.

If you are an administrator of the official account on WeChat, you have to consider the above limitation, and have to choose the best way for your own.

Source => The official account management tool of WeChat