Wednesday, July 31, 2013

The sales number of Smart TV in China was 5,300,600 units in Q1. Smart TV maker may have to fight with the foreign enemies after this.

Smart TV is gradually becoming hot in China from last year, because its price is gradually becoming affordable.

According to the report by Eguan, the sales number of Smart TV in China was  5,300,600 units in Q1. The sales number of whole flat-panel TV was about 12,780,000, so it means the sales percentage of Smart TV was 41.5% in Q1.

And the next graph is the market share of Smart TV by each maker in Q1.

Skyworth  16.9%
TCL   16.2%
Hisense   15.8%
KONKA   15.5%
ChangHong   13.3%
Samsung   6.1%
SHARP   5.6%
Haier   4.2%

Other   6.4%

There is not the specific maker that has enormous power in Chinese Smart TV industry, and 5 companies stand on the top group now. As the second group, there are the foreign companies such as Samsung and SHARP.

But anyway, it can be said that the Smart TV market in China is still the status of rival warlords.

By the way, this report said that the Smart TV market has continued growing, but what's going to happen to this market now? I think that there are two threats for their growth.

1. Chromecast
2. STB

As you know, Google recently released the Chromecast, and its price is 35 USD.  At this time, I don't know whether Google will provide it to Chinese market or not, but I think there is some impact even if they will not provide it to China.

And recently, Xiaomi provides their own STB, and Alibaba also have a plan to provide their STB in the near future. Both prices are also about 50 to 65 USD.

These two threats can implement with cheap flat-panel TV, if its TV has the HDMI terminal. It means that this combination can materialize the same function with Smart TV, and furthermore this combination is basically cheaper than Smart TV.

So I think that Smart TV makers have to prepare for the fight with the "foreign enemies".

Source => Eguan

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