Monday, July 15, 2013

The battle of WeChat and Weibo in Social Commerce will be heating up moreover from now on.

Social media and Ecommerce are the hottest market in China, and according to the report by CNNIC, both users increased over 20% compared to the previous year.

And from the late last year, the fusion of social media and Ecommerce were gradually embodied, Sina Weibo actually started to provide the "Weibo Wallet", and they sold Xiaomi mobile on their platform.

Sina Weibo was invested by Alibaba at this April, but the first their collaboration was appeared at this time. It's called "Tuan Mai", and this is the site that the limited item or special priced item are being sold.

Now the limitation item or special priced items are sold one item per a day, but Sina Weibo wish to sell multiple those items on there in the future. But this is only the prologue of their collaboration, and it is said that the custom version of Weibo for Taobao will be released this month or next month.

On the other hand, WeChat also started to accelerate the fusion of WeChat and Ecommerce. As I explained before, WeChat will be added the linkage function with Ecommerce, and they will also formally provide the mobile payment function in the next version of it.

And though it's provide the third party vendor, the new linkage tool of WeChat and Ecommerce was also published now.

This tool is named "V Mall", and it can the user make easier to open their shops and sell the items on WeChat.

Tencent already has their own EC platform "QQ Wanggou", and also has their own payment system "Tenpay". And they already were providing them to their QQ Weibo from the past. So it's no doubt that they will be sure to accelerate this area from now on.

Social commerce is unfailingly the point getter for Weibo and WeChat. So we have to keep watching their actions in this market, and at the same time, we also have to keep the attention whether the other influencer will raise their head or not.
* I'm personally paying attention to the action of Baidu...

Source => ChinaByte, Ifeng net

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