Thursday, July 4, 2013

WeChat oversea users already exceeded 70 million people. They assigned Lionel Messi as a new spokesman to accelerate overseas market even more than now.

As I explained before, Tencent has a partner conference today. And they announced two important things related WeChat, so I would like to explain one of them at this time.

Oversea users of WeChat exceeded 40 million people in April, and they exceeded 50 million people in May. And today, Tencent announced oversea users of WeChat already exceeded 70 million people now.

And for expanding more oversea users, they also announced that assigned Lionel Messi as a new spokesman for WeChat.

They already prepared the special page on, and also already published the TV commercial.

They also published its Spanish, Turkish and Bahasa Indonesia version, and they also announced that this TV CM started to provide to 15 countries from today.

Of course his WeChat account is also available now.

Their rival "LINE" already has over 100 million oversea users, and it was already welcomed in over 230 countries. So we have to keep watching this war situation for the development from now on.

Source => Tech QQ, WeChat Official Page