Wednesday, July 24, 2013

The collaboration of Chat and Career is ongoing in China. China Telecom will collaborate with Netease, and Guangdong China Unicom will collaborate with WeChat.

In April, it was said that China Telecom will will change the name of their own chat app, and they will collaborate with Netease to promote it again.

It will be likely to materialize in the beginning of August.

Its name is "易信 (Easy Chat or Yixin)".
This app will be published in the beginning of August, and it is said that this is the status of final test.

According to the news, this app have the difference with WeChat, this app can send the message who doesn't have the account of this app. In other words, it means that this app can send the message to the SMS.

On the other hand, Guangdong China Unicom collaborates with WeChat, and they already published special SIM card that is named "WeChat Wo".

According to the news, this SIM card provides a lot of special favor to WeChat users. This SIM card is a regional service at this time. But if it will be succeeded, they will provide it to the whole China.

In March, it was said that WeChat will be changed to the paid service, and some careers wanted to charge the special fee to the WeChat users. Did the careers already change their strategy? Will their policy change to the cooperation with these OTT services? And, how China Mobile will take action?

We have to keep watching this trend as before.

Source => Techweb, 36kr