Thursday, July 25, 2013

Tencent dominates more than 65% of mobile instant messenger market in China. The king of IM tool "QQ" is still keeping the top position.

As I explained many times, "Instant Messenger (Chat)" is the most popular internet service in China. According to the recent report by CNNIC, the utilization of chat tool is 84.2% in China, and the hottest chat tool "WeChat" is expected to have more than 500 million users soon.

And it is the most popular for mobile users, and CNNIC said that the utilization of mobile instant messenger is 85.7% as of the end of June.
In a situation like that, Eguan published the market share of mobile instant messenger service in China as follows.

QQ (Tencent)                    38.07%
WeChat (Tencent)           27.97%
Feixin (China Mobile)     18.37%
Yiliao (China Telecom)     4.98%
MSN (Microsoft China)    3.80%
Wangwang (Taobao)         2.38%
Miliao (Xiaomi)                   1.43%

Other     3.00%

The above picture is the market share of the total registered number of mobile instant messenger users.

Recently, WeChat has been the hottest topic in the news related to internet services in China, but the king of IM tool "QQ" is still keeping the top position in this market. As I said above, WeChat is expected to have more than 500 million users soon, but it is said that QQ already has more than 700 million users totally, and a most of QQ users are using mobile devices.

The next picture is the market share of its active users.

QQ (Tencent)                     42.54%
WeChat (Tencent)            23.38%
Feixin (China Mobile)      17.65%
Yiliao (China Telecom)      6.76%
Wangwang (Taobao)         3.07%
MSN (Microsoft China)     2.53%
Miliao (Xiaomi)                   1.08%

Other     2.99%

There are not so much differences with the market share of total users in the ranking, but there is an interesting result.

The difference in the market share between QQ and WeChat is more than the difference of total users. What was this?

Actually, WeChat is rapidly increasing their "registered" users, but I also feel that a lot of people are still usually using QQ more than WeChat. Especially, in the business scene, in the provincial city, the user of the earlier 80's or 70's and so forth.

So I think that these factors are may be reflected as a result.

Anyway, it's a surprising thing that Tencent (QQ + WeChat) is dominating more than 65% of this market.

Well, mobile internet is the hottest topic and the hottest industry in China now, and furthermore mobile instant messenger is one of the hottest among them. We have to continue watching the trend of this as before.

Source => Eguan