Wednesday, September 11, 2013

WeChat added the statistical information function on the administration platform for the official accounts.

As I explained before, Yixin published their administration platform for the official accounts, but WeChat also upgraded its platform.

The function that was added this time is the management tool of the statistical information, and the administrator of the official accounts can check the some information on there.

1. The fluctuate history of follower

The administrator of it can manage the increasing number, the decreasing number, the total number and so forth, and the administrator also can set the term of it.

2. User property

The administrator can manage the ratio of men and women, the using language and the regional distribution by each follower.

3. The number of times that the posting message was read.

The administrator can manage the total number of receiving messages (送达人数), the number of reading the message (图文页阅读人数), the number of open the link in the message (原文页阅读人数) and the number of sharing the message (分享转发人数).

4. Checking the activation ratio of each follower

The administrator can check the activation ratio of each follower, and he/she can understand the total number of followers who was posting messages, the total number of the posted message, the average number per a follower and so forth.

So it means that this function can make each administrator manage the active ratio of their followers.

I think that these management tools are very useful for the administrator of WeChat. But unfortunately, these tools were only added to the domestic version of the official account management platform, and these tools weren't added to the international version of it yet.

About this, we have to wait the action by Tencent at this time.

Source => The administration platform for the official accounts of WeChat

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