Saturday, April 7, 2012

In China, already over 30 sites exists that similar to the 'Pinterest'.

According to the news, in China there are over 30 sites that is similar to the 'Pinterest'.
And, Chinese internet giants also start its service as following.

* Dutu - Tencent(who provide QQ, Tencent Weibo and so on)

* Renren Guangjie - Renren(who is #1 SNS site in China)

* Kaixin - Jipin - Kaixin(who is #2 SNS site in China)

As a independent company mainly exists as follows.

* Huaban

* Duitang

Furthermore of course EC sites such as Taobao, Vancle and Dandan also start to prepare similar to the Pinterest service.

At the beginning of 2011, it was appeared a lot of service that similar to the Groupon, but in 2012, it will be appeared a service similar to the Pinterest as ever too.