Saturday, April 27, 2013

[Graph] The summary of the 3G market in China. 3G user in China was 280 million people in the first quarter.

All of 3 big career in China published their achievement of the first quarter, so I would like to introduce the current status of 3G users in China.

According to their report, the total number of mobile users in China was 1.145 billion people in the first quarter, and the number of 3G users in China was 0.28 billion people in the first quarter.

The following picture is the market share of total user number.

China Mobile has totally 726.31 users, so they dominate 63.34% of the Chinese mobile market. But compared to the last July, their market share decreased 1.87%.

That's one of the reason is related to the increase of the 3G user ratio. The 3G user ratio in the last July was 16.8%, but its ratio was up to 24.5% in the first quarter. The market share of 3G user is more competitive than the market share of total user number as follows.

In China, China Mobile already started LTE test on some places. Will it be happen something change in the era of LTE? We have to keep watching the trend as ever.

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