Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Yixin (EasyChat) added the international call function to the new version. Its user can get 60 minutes free call from oversea to China.

Yixin (EasyChat) recently published the new version, but this version was added to the function of the international call.

This version only supports the call from the oversea to China, but its user can get the 60 minutes free call per a month.

How to use this? It's very simple.

1. Click the setting ("设定") button.
2. Click the international call ("国际漫游电话") button.
3. Click the call ("拨打国际漫游电话") button
4. Select the person who you want to call from the contact list.

That's all.

I think that this function is very useful not only for the traveler in China, but also is useful when the foreigner who lives in China temporarily go back to the own country.

This type of function can become the advantage compared to WeChat, but it is easy to implement for Yixin, because China Telecom joined this product. If WeChat would like to implement the similar function, they have to construct like the IP telephony system by themselves.

As I said before,  if Yixin will go the way to become the total communication platform in all of on the user's mobile phone like this solution, then Yixin can close in on WeChat more than now.

Source => Sohu IT, cnBeta