Friday, July 27, 2012

88.81% of over 19 years old internet user are using Weibo in China.

According to the report by DCCI, 88.81% of over 19 years old internet users are using Weibo in China.

The usage rate of each Weibo is as follows(multiple answers allowed):

Using Sina Weibo       87.67%
Using Tencent Weibo  84.69%
Using NetEase Weibo  56.12%
Using Sohu Weibo      35.63%
Using ifeng Weibo      13.61%
Using other Weibo      18.37%

This report also said as follows:

- About 70% of Sina Weibo or Tencent Weibo user have a only one account on each services, and 18.54% of Sina Weibo user and 14.89% of Tencent Weibo user have more than two accounts on each services.

- The sex ratio of Weibo user is 57.4% of men and 42.6% of women.

- 43.28% of Weibo users follow one to five corporate official accounts, and 20.83% of Weibo users follow six to ten corporate official accounts.

As I reported before, the number of Weibo users was 273,645,000 people in the end of June, and it is estimated the user will exceed 300,000,000 in the end of 2012. Weibo became already one of the biggest platform for marketing in China. Have you already started Weibo? :)

Source => Eguan