Thursday, July 26, 2012

Third-party mobile browser user exceeded 240,000,000 people in China.

According to the report by Eguan, third-party mobile browser user was 242,000,000 people in China.

It was increasing 5.2% compared to the previous period, but increasing 52.2% compared to the same period in the previous year.

I reported before that Chinese mobile user was 388.25 million people, so it can be said that the usage of third-party mobile browser is about 60%, though of course there is a error.

And the following figure is the market share of the mobile browser at the same period.

#1 QQ browser  40.3%
#2 UC browser  37.4%
#3 Opera 11.6%
#4 Dolphin browser  2.6%
#5 Tiantian browser  1.0%
#6 Baidu browser  0.8%

Other  9.2%

It can be said that the two top structure of QQ browser and UC browser now in Chinese third-party mobile browser market.

So the person or company who would like to Chinese mobile internet market have to support these two mobile browser in addition to each default mobile browser at this time :)

Source => Eguan 1, Eguan 2

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