Saturday, July 7, 2012

CCW Research estimate market scale of the enterprise social networking will be around 100 million RMB in 2012 in China.

I said that 2012 is the start year for the enterprise social networking in China before, it was proved by the report from CCW Research. They recently published a report written about the enterprise social networking market in China, they estimate its growth rate will be 246% in 2012.

 This report said its market scale in 2010 was 8.168 million RMB, in 2011 was 26.805 million RMB, but it will be 92.752 million RMB in 2012.

Now, as I said before that many company start to provide the enterprise social networking products in China, such as "Crowdroid for Business(Anhui OSS)", "Kingdee Weibo(Kingdee)", "Social Enterprise(800app)", "Tita(Beisen)" and so forth.

Then how about the foreign company such as "Chatter(Salesforce)", "Yammer(Microsoft)" and so forth?

It's no doubt that they are watching for an opportunity to enter Chinese enterprise social networking market.

And this report also said that this market will achieve rapidly growth in this two years in China. Why? Its reason why Weibo and SNS already penetrated to many people in China, and its style is suitable to Chinese habit and preference.

Don't take your eyes off the enterprise social networking market in China in future :)

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